Dr. Conrad Murray Lawyers Up For MJ Trial

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With the Michael Jackson homicide investigation complete and Dr. Conrad Murray almost certain to face charges as a result, he's lawyering up in a major way.

Murray has been the focal point of police inquiries since day one. Now that he's looking at criminal charges, he's enlisted J. Michael Flanagan. For a big reason.

Flanagan says he is the best - or even the only - attorney to try a case involving Propofol and death. That's the anesthesia police believe killed Michael Jackson.

In 2004, Flanagan defended a nurse charged with involuntary manslaughter for wrongly administering Propofol to a patient who later died. She was acquitted.

Of the case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Flanagan says he is "unaware of facts that would give rise to an involuntary manslaughter charge." But it could happen.

The attorney also says Murray won't even discuss plea bargaining, because the L.A. County D.A.'s office won't share any information about the case ... yet.

Murray has not been charged with anything as of now. However, there remains a strong likelihood of a manslaughter charge (not murder) in the coming weeks.

Flanagan says Murray broke no laws and it will be "very difficult" for the D.A. to base a case on gross negligence, a requirement for involuntary manslaughter.

As Flanagan puts it, even if there's proof of "an error in judgment," it's a giant leap for a jury to conclude that lapse of judgment constitutes manslaughter.

Conversely, the LAPD has experts who have gone on record saying Dr. Murray's conduct did constitute gross negligence supporting manslaughter charges.

FUN FACT: Flanagan successfully repped Britney Spears in the 2007 case in which she and her mom ran over that poor celebrity news photographer's foot!


i hate doctor murray mjs mum is right he is a monster


Still more "truth", and more "inside" information, Ya right! 1/2 of the FBI files still -SECRET- why? what a bunch of dumbed down sheep, they think we all are. I was one of the staff in the investigators office where the "set-up" was known to be part of the case prep. this is not a joke or a theory. What group [I DON'T KNOW] was steering the set-up? LaToya talks straight out about them. Oh what does She know!! I'am so sure that some "POP" reporter knows more.....PUSH ON THE PRESS.


what idiots it dont take a person with brains to figure out this doctor MURDERED michael. why dont u get off all this crap that he didnt mean to do it. he is a doctor he knew better so dont hand me that crap/


All we need is a CLEAR&FACTUAL RESULT!-nothing mORE,nothing LESS!'GOD's WORTH! ! ! ! !'. . . . . .(/,-)


What happened to Michael's bag of money that is mother was asking about? Is that why he got that so - called accidental overdose. Terrorist are in our communities and homes now. Armed with hate. He should be deported and sent out of here penniless.

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