Shaq Accused of Affair with Dominica Westling

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Shaquille O'Neal has been linked to a second mistress, Dominica Westling, a Swedish model and aspiring actress who he has had an affair with for 18 months.

Who does this guy think he is, Tiger Woods?

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O'Neal is still married to estranged wife Shaunie. The NBA star's affair with Dominica Westling began approximately 18 months ago, according to Radar Online.

Apparently they were into some kinky stuff.

The couple not only exchanged a series of steamy emails but also had cybersex using a webcam, creepy sources close to the situation somehow claim to know.

Has Shaq been balling Dominica Westling?

Last week, Shaq's affair with Vanessa Lopez was first alleged. Lopez, a model who has been linked to other NBA players, hired L.A. attorney Gloria Allred.

Lopez claims Shaq has been harassing her. O'Neal's wife, Shaunie, has filed for legal separation with intent to divorce. Their next hearing is in March.

Shaq also has been linked to the fiancé of another NBA player, whose name has not been revealed, with those dalliances overlapping these two affairs.

Asked comment, Dominica Westling said: "I understand where you're coming from but I just don't want to talk about anything. I'd rather not comment."

Well, that's confirmation if we've ever heard it!


I am sure their are alot of other women Shaq had relationships with while married. These are just 2 that have been found out or verbal about it.


Are there any honest and trustworthy women left anywhere? So many easily jump in bed with married men. They seem to not care at all, even if there are children involved. I guess the last honest woman was on the Dick Van Dyke show.


I hope he hit that! Who could blame him? He's seperated from his wife so what's the controversy? She's smokin!


You know she's guilty if she hired Gloria Allred. I hope Shaunie gets every penny he's got. And with his career now on the other side of the peak, I'm sure he'll he hurtin'. Maybe I'm just naive, but there HAVE TO be some men in the world that are honest and trustworthy. I refuse to believe that every guy is as stupid and selfish as the Tiger Woods and Shaqs of the world (allegedly - just throwing that in there).


Why can't we just all admit that many men are horny and that their libido is more important than their marriage vows, and that their are women out there with low morals that are willing to partake in something like this. That is basically all it is, it's not going away and will always keep happening. BUt then I guess there would be much less to report on.