Dennis Shaun Bowman, Kim Kardashian Stalker, Told to Please Back the Hell Off

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Kim Kardashian took time out from her career as a professional celebrity to obtain a restraining order against an alleged stalker, Dennis Shaun Bowman.

This guy is delusional and believes he's dating her, says Kim, who notes that her obsessed fan has been following her and "poses an immediate threat."

Bowman began sending Kardashian Twitter messages last fall, professing love for her, then moved from Georgia to Kardashian's home of Calabasas, Calif.

More disturbingly, he has started turning up periodically at the socialite's appearances in L.A., sometimes wearing joker face paint, a la The Dark Knight.

Wonder if he present for this display.

Dude must be out of his mind. He even sent a Twitter message to her boyfriend, Reggie Bush, looking for a fight. Reggie plays professional football!

A Kim K. Pic

Why stalk Kim Kardashian? It's illegal, and she's not that interesting!

At least he can be polite sometimes, however. Bowman also Tweeted to Kardashian to ask forgiveness for missing their dinner date planned in Atlanta recently.

They never had one, but still, good manners!

Under the restraining order, recommended by LAPD's Threat Management unit, Bowman must stay 500 yards away from Kardashian and stop contacting her.

Fortunately, he can still peruse our gallery of Kim Kardashian pictures!


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and what did he actually do to her?


The said "stalker" is prolly a fling that Kim had and now she won't own up to it.


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I will say that she's starting to look more and more like her 60 year old mother...lay off of the plastic surgery doll.


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woman's being harrassed and all you can wonder about is how long it takes her to get ready? saying that probabaly not a lot since they have lots of help

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