Confirmed: Simon Cowell to Leave American Idol

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Earlier today, Randy Jackson said he hopes the American Idol focus soon shifts from the judging table to the singing stage.

That may be difficult after today's announcement: Simon Cowell has confirmed that he's leaving the series after this season.

At a gathering of the country's TV critics in California, Cowell said he's bringing his popular UK show The X Factor to the United States in 2011.

“We did talk about me staying on both shows, but when we looked at the practicalities of that, it was impossible,” Cowell said. “In my opinion, it’s like having a good player and a good football team. The two have to be okay together. I believe it’s not my show, but it’s still very close to me... I’m confident [American Idol] will continue to be the No. 1 show. Everyone is committed to keeping it that way.”

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The X Factor is almost identical to Idol, except that groups are allowed to enter the singing competition and there's no age limit on contestants. Leona Lewis was crowned its champion one season, launching her successful career.

Is there really room for it and Idol to air simultaneously? And, more pressingly, will you even watch American Idol without Simon Cowell as a judge?


X factor is the is highest rated show over here in the UK. We get American Idol over here but it doesn't have the same feel to it. Simon is right to bring it to the US, they will really enjoy it as u can have 70 year old men to groups of awful mini britney's. Good luck to Simon and I hope the US love is as much as we all did. The last show made Simon and the Production company over £100 million and that is the can see why he wants to take it over the pond...$$$$$$!


You need a third vote. I STILL won't watch this stupid show, regardless of Simon leaving.


My, my, 'eatme' your meds? When you stop hallucinating and oh yes, incidentally obtain an iota of musical education, you may eventually learn what constitutes a good voice. Susan Boyle has one. You, on the other hand, not only aren't able to separate talent from appearance but also have some kind of rage syndrome. Poor you.


AI should have stopped long ago. Paula was odd but entertaining in her own way. Kara has the personality of a slug. A sleeping slug. Randy is simply programmed to say a few trite phrases over and over again. Ellen Degeneres is even worse than Kara; she thinks she's funny but she's oh-so-wrong. Simon was the only one who had anything intelligent or coherent to say, so when he leaves, there won't be any reason to watch.
By the way, you have to be a tiny-brained loser to give poor Susan Boyle such a hard time.

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