Randy Jackson Previews "Wild, Crazy Season" of American Idol

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Paula Abdul is out. Ellen DeGeneres is in. Simon Cowell may soon be gone.

Leading into tomorrow night's ninth season premiere of American Idol, the focus has been on this show's judging panel and its related controversies. Randy Jackson would like to see that change.

“People get sidetracked with [all the changes to the panel]," Jackson told reporters on a recent conference call. "Listen. There are contestants.... this is a singing competition.... Let’s focus on what we’re judging and what the actual meat of the show really is. It’s about finding that next superstar talent.”

Because Hollywood week kicks off later than usual this year, Jackson couldn't tease fans with the names of prospective finalists. But he did hype the auditions so far, which have been judged by a slew of celebrities.

“This season, we’ve got some really good, bonafide, stand-in-your-shoes singers,” Jackson said, adding his main three criteria for success on the show: "Undeniable talent, something that makes you unique, and some star persona.”

Overall, our favorite dawg promises “an interesting, wild, crazy season.” He says that that one thing remains the same:

“This show is definitely a rocket ship to the top.”

Unless your name is Taylor Hicks, that is.


YOU MUST LIVE UNDER A ROCK. Taylor Hicks is doing great. I would think maybe your work is not so you have to mention Taylor Hicks just to get hits. You know he still has a large fan base and you had to bad mouth Taylor just for hits. SHAME ON YOU


American Idol's future seasons should wish for a singer as good and as entertaining as Taylor Hicks. He rocked the show that year, and continues rocking the world for many of his fans. I would suggest this writer and so many others who use Taylor's name as a draw to their site...buy Taylor's music, his DVD, see him perform onstage, go see him onstage in Grease...you will be amazed at the talent and magnetism of Taylor Hicks!!!!


Taylor Hicks rocks! He is one the very best performers to come out of AI. Grow up and get a life! Taylor laughs all the way to the bank. The only reason you mention him in this sad article is because it will assure thousands of hits on your site by his many fans. Otherwise no one would bother reading this horse poop.


What is it that would inspire you to mention Taylor Hicks in such a degrading manner? Give it up. OLD, very OLD.


TAYLOR HICKS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Hicks has just released a LIVE concert DVD, "Whomp at the Warfield", that includes bonus interview and performance footage that I'm really enjoying, and would highly recommend. That's a very nice picture of Rand Jackson, by the way.


Taylor Hicks is the best.
So fun. My FAVORITE AI winner of all time.


Taylor Hicks


I believe Randy Jackson would beg to differ with you concening your comment on Taylor Hicks. There are other Idol contestants out there who are way worse than Taylor, why are they never mentioned?
Wow, AI must have paid off a LOT of people in joining their conspiracy against Taylor.
If you hate Taylor so bad, WHY are you doing as the poster above said, just using his name to get hits to your site? What, business is NOT booming?
Hmm, I guess Taylor is not so bad after all, huh??


"The Top" means different things to different people. To the WRITER of this comment about Taylor Hicks, which is obviously not Randy Jackson, it would seem Mr. Hicks is content with what he deservedly gained from his American Idol win. Maybe his "top" is just a perfect fit for him :)

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