Brother of Nancy Kerrigan Barred From Dad's Funeral

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Mark Kerrigan, brother of former figure skating champion Nancy Kerrigan, allegedly assaulted their father and thus caused the heart attack that killed him this week.

Now the Olympic medalist's sibling won't be allowed to attend the funeral, the Boston Herald reports, per the Massachusetts department of correction guidelines.

Daniel Kerrigan will be laid to rest today.

In the meantime, Mark Kerrigan, 45, who is clearly a very troubled individual, has been transferred to Bridgewater State Hospital for a competency evaluation.

This isn't Mark Kerrigan's first brush with the law - or violence.

During Mark's 2007 divorce from now-ex-wife Janet Guarino, the judgment wasn't exactly glowing. They divorced on the grounds of cruel and abusive treatment.

According to the Herald, Guarino took out multiple restraining orders against Mark Kerrigan, both when they were married and while they were still dating.

Se told authorities he "punched her, slashed her tires, threatened her with a bow and arrow, trashed her personal property and sent ex-cons to visit her."

Makes Tonya Harding seem downright angelic.


This guy apparently caused all kinds of trouble for his parents and ex-wife in the past, according to police reports. The Boston newspapers are publishing the details of past bizarro behaviors. Yet the parents let him move into their home again. Obviously not a good idea when your middle-aged kid is a psychopath.


She took out a restraining order while they were dating and she still married him? Am I reading that correctly? Why would any woman want to marry an abuser? I would have said forget marriage buddy.

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