Mark Kerrigan Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

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Nancy Kerrigan's brother Mark pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting their father Daniel, who died Sunday after a struggle at the family's Massachusetts home.

Reports say Mark Kerrigan cried during arraignment in Woburn District Court, where he faced charges of assault and battery on an elder with serious bodily injury.

According to the police report, Daniel collapsed after the former figure skating champion's brother allegedly choked him during an altercation yesterday.

The incident apparently erupted over the use of a phone. Nancy's mother said Daniel had a heart attack and fell to the ground during the altercation with Mark.

Mark Kerrigan's bail was set at $10,000.

Mark Kerrigan being led to court by authorities after his arrest.


What a terrible thing to happen. This family should not say anything about Tanya Hardings family. Do not understand the Mother. He son goes in and starts breaking things and than chokes his father and there is even blood on the ground. She just
sayed her husband had a heart attack and the son didn't do anything. Will Mom be safe when they let him come home on bail. I say lock him up with the other two brothers that killed there parents. IF BIG KIDS DON'T LIKE THE SERVICE AT HOME GO MOVE OUT.


Man, there really is one in every family....


I can't believe they let him out ...$10,000 bail is offensive for a crime like this!


What a douchebag, fighting with his SEVENTY YEAR OLD father over a phone call! Why doesn't this useless piece of crap have his own phone? Send his sorry butt to jail.


Wow why wasn't he working? That poor ole man, hasn't Nancy suffered enough. Our hearts an prayers goes out to Nancy an her family. Sassy Trueblood

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