Book: John Edwards and Bill Clinton are Cheaters; Harry Reid is a Racist; Sarah Palin is Not Smart

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The 2008 U.S. presidential election is over and done with, but a new book called Game Change by New York Magazine's John Heilemann and Time's Mark Halperin has stirred up a lot of interesting gossip about the most recent White House race.

While not providing that much truly new or startling, the book has offered tremendous fodder for national political conversation. Some of the broached topics:

  • That Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) referred to Barack Obama as “light-skinned” and having "no Negro dialect unless he wanted to.”
  • That the affair between John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, his campaign videographer, was known about and kept quiet by three of his aides early.
  • That John Edwards is a delusional egomaniac whose aides called his wife Elizabeth "an abusive, intrusive, paranoid, condescending crazy woman."

  • That former President Bill Clinton was involved in an affair in 2006 that many thought would derail Hillary Clinton's 2008 run for the presidency. The woman is not named in the book, but it wouldn't be Bill's first cheating rumor.
  • That Clinton offended Ted Kennedy deeply while trying to win his endorsement for his wife's campaign by saying the following about then-candidate Obama: "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."
  • That John McCain's vetting of Sarah Palin was so woefully inadequate that no one from his campaign even interviewed her husband or opponents.
  • That Sarah Palin believed Saddam Hussein to be behind the attacks on 9/11, and did not understand that North and South Korea were separate.
  • That Palin is a mentally unstable person prone to wild mood swings, and was hopelessly lost in a "catatonic stupor" at one point in the campaign.

True? We may never know. But we certainly can debate - and agree that Edwards and Palin create the most entertaining reading material.

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As a Black person I can ask this...why is calling someone "light skinned" considered racist? Some of us ARE light skinned, some dark skinned, some caramel. Although antiquated, "negro" is the same word that appears on my birth certificate under the word "race". RACIST is seeing pictures of President Obama depicted in a grass skirt with a bone thru his nose at teabagging (or KKK) rallies, and having NOT ONE of that organizations leaders or followers publicly decry it. RACIST is Sarah Palin and her sheep calling to "take back THEIR country". Take it back from WHOM, exactly? From the Black man in the White House, that's who. Don't tell us who hates us. Trust me, we know!


Elizabeth Edwards has a dreaded disease,that for a while was diagnosed as being in remission.The disease returned, and she is battling it the only way she knows how.Until we have to go and get set up to have chemo, which can not be confused with going to a health spa for the day, there has to be some understanding of the pressure Elizabeth was under daily.When you are being treated for such a devastating disease, there is no guarantee that you are going to be Sweet Miss Homemaker every time someone see you.
Through all of the up,downs and turning around of her life,
Elizabeth is here among us, and still A Survivor. I wish her well!


Mr. Reid has well passed retirement age, and Mr. President was understanding about what he felt that Mr. Reid was trying to translate while giving him a compliment (sort of). Mr.Reid has publicly apologized again,and if Mr. President can accept his apology,without bitterness,there is nothing left to say about it!!


By golly,say it ain't so Joe,forget about the fishing traps and the baked moose for dinner.$arah is ca$hing in.Forget about her being an air-headed bubble-brain,$arah has left her day job, and is free lancing and is $miling all the way to the bank.You betcha!


Like dumb BUSH was any better.....dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. He totally screwed up the country and Obama is trying to clean up after him. It's a tough job, but a SMART man like Obama will figure it out.


Like Ried and pelosi says "Thats the way things are done in washington" and it has gotten even worse since these three stooges have been in office/and until we the people force Obama to pony up we will be the victims of his agenda?


Why does everyone get in such an uproar over truthful statements? They're all true. If the truth offends, then so be it. Are we to lie to be politically correct ALL THE TIME?

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