A Fart vs. A Cow: Tila Tequila Feuds with Kelly Osbourne

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Over the past few weeks, Tila Tequila has feuded with Casey Johnson's family, friends and ex-lovers.

She's seemingly used the death of her fiancee as a means toward promoting her record label, celebrity gossip blog and Twitter account.

Having sat back and watched the talentless model exploit Casey's death and act like a self-centered fool, Kelly Osbourne has finally had enough. She's alerted the world to her take on Tequila: girl is a total fart!

Indeed, matching ridiculous, immature Tweet for ridiculous, immature Tweet, Osbourne posted the following over the weekend:

Kelly Tweet

Snaps, yo!

Not one to just lie down (except for Shawne Merriman, Courtenay Semel and anyone that will get her in the news) when faced with a publicity op, Tila fired back at the former Dancing with the Stars contestant.

In the space of a few minutes, Tequila bashed Osbourne's teeth, ankles and need for a large tampon. It's brutal stuff:

Tila vs. Kelly

A Twitter war is not her style, Tila says? That's like a supermarket tabloid saying it hates to invent rumors about Brangelina.

Consider the two sides carefully, readers, and then decide: Are you on Team Kelly or Team Tila?

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everyone hates tila excpet for me. i want to open her butt and eat. i'd relish the smell of her toots.


everyone hates tila excpet for me. i want to open her butt and eat. i'd relish the smell of her toots.


Aside from Tila Tequila's outrageously infantile behavior, her lack of proper punctuation and grammar is offensive. Even if I loathed Kelly Osbourne and she was the last drug-addled form of entertainment on this side of the galaxy, I would still claim her side in protest against "Tequila's" blatant disregard for the English language.


team kelly.. ur not giving me much to pick from .. but tila went way to far and she is gross.. tila needs to realize the only thing she looks like in the public eye is a plastic slut.


I'm really not a fan of either but really kelly was just saying what we were all thinking... well kinda. When you read shit about tila dont you just want to smack the psycho out of her! and yes... I'll say that to your face!


Team Kelly always. Kelly has cleaned up her act and is very much a lady now. That happeneds when you grow up. Tila has never grown up and she proves it everytime she opens her mouth. Sad thing is that Casey's not here to nay or yea on all that Tila is saying. How could anyone be on Tila's team when she is nothing but a liar. Thank God Casey's true friends saved her dogs. Lets pray that Casey's mom or sister will continue to care for her daugher as well. Tila needs to leave Casey's family and friends to grive for the sad lost of their loved one. Sometimes tough love doesn't work and we can all see this with Casey. Tila you are acting trashy and insensitive. Thumbs down double on Tila's camp. You need to just go away and stop fueling so many fires. Are you really that hard up that you need to belittle others so to make yourself look better. Tila dear, you can take a gal out of the trailer park but she still is trailer trash.


Twitter management should be a shamed for letting people insult at each-others like this.


Team Kelly! Tila is a nasty lying slut


TEAM KELLY all the way... tila is a HUNGRY TIGER


Tila Tequila is an idiot. I think she was a somebody and now is a nobody and is trying to get herself in the news to seem relevant. And I am not team Kelly either cuz she is in the same boat as tequila. So to me, they are both farts..

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