Tabloids: Angelina Jolie Wants "Life Without Brad"

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One would think, given recent family outings and an incredible $1 million donation to Haitian relief efforts, that things were going well for Brangelina these days.

Well, you'd be wrong, according to celebrity gossip magazines whose mission in life is to skewer the couple with more and more sensational stories each week!

On today's cover, In Touch interviews Brangelina’s long-time maid, Anna Kowalski, who claims Angie cheated on Brad with a movie coach and he was “oblivious.”

Perhaps for that reason, she and Brad have pulled the plug on their once-committed relationship, and Angelina is packing up for an extended stay in Europe.

There, she will adopt another child. Solo. According to the National Enquirer, that is. They say she is "throwing her energy into a life apart from Brad." Sure.

Who needs Brad Pitt? Not Angelina Jolie, apparently, given her "affair with a teacher." Poor guy, sitting alone and texting. He's not gonna like when he reads this.

Angelina will begin production soon on The Tourist, which will film in Prague and Venice. Her brother James will supposedly help during the adoption process.

That's good. Life without Brad doesn't mean life in isolation.

According to recent tabloid nonsense, Brad and Angelina's nearly five-year relationship continues to buckle under months of stress, including a failed suicide attempt by Angelina and a frightening collapse of the beauty's weight.

She is also said to have physically attacked Brad when he made a cheating confession about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. LOL. What will the tabs make up next?

We'll find out next Wednesday morning!

Life without Brad. Sounds lonely. Good thing it's not true.




I didn't even read this article, but why do they keep harping on about the $1 million she gave to Haiti? It is a commendable act, but for crying out loud, you can't seem to see brangelina without a mention of $1mil.
She is making a huge load of cash... think about it if you have $20 and you give some one $1, should it be every where? I bet there are some other ppl who donated that much anonymously and otherwise... come on!!! PR


He should have stayed with Jennifer! She's genuine and betcha her lips are real!


Seems as though Brad was jealous when Jennifer was touchy feely with Gerard at the awards ceremony. At the superbowl Brad got all touchy feely with Angie. A first for Brad, I never saw him this touchy feely ever in the past.


Angelina cheated on Brad, well no surprise their to that rumour as she is the sort who would do something like that or snug a another woman married or not. Luckily Brad did't throw away his senses and marry her., Who wears the trouses now huh. You are clearly not worth it Jen is a lady no comparison there, anyway Ang adopting more kids would not bring Brad back, you need to spend time with the ones you've got, clearly he's still inlove with ex wife Jen.


Anytime you put two megastars together, you're going to have trouble. I used to like both Brad and Angelina and gave them the benefit of the doubt when seeing all the tabloid covers. But now I have to say Brad walked into it with his eyes wide open, and Angelina cares nothing for anything but her own fame. Those children are the true victims. As an adoptive parent myself who had to go through several interviews and a complete exposing of my personal life, I find it reprehensible that she can just throw a little money around and get another kid. Adoption is about giving a child stability, love, and consistency, not about how many officials you can afford to bribe.


Angelina should realize by now that no guy is worth taking from someone. No guy is worth going back on your vow to never have biological babies. No guy is worth lowering your standards and values buy saying it's ok to have an open relationship. No guy is worth having to play mind games just to keep him interested. And we wonder why men rule the world, and have all the power, we give it to them. It's not as if Angelina needs him financially, she is all set in that department. Women, take back your power!!!


Who really give a fleepin ****. seriously, its fun to read but to sit back and get angry and outraged at what other people have to say about a couple??? Jesus, the only anger i want to feel if someone is talking trash about a person is if its directed towards me. lol


who cares? let those people be.


angelina holie fans are so hateful and bitter. that's why i'm not her fan. i don't want to be as crazy as them. jen isn't mean. that's why she has friends and angelina doesn't

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