The Runaways Trailer: Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett

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We know Kristen Stewart can pout, we know she can play a heroine in trouble and we know she can please Robert Pattinson in the sack.

But sing like a rock star?

The actresses shows off her vocal talents in The Runaways, a Joan Jett-based flick scheduled for a March 19 release. Stewart portrays the iconic rocker, while Dakota Fanning plays a fellow band members.

Check out the official trailer below. Will you go see The Runaways?

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The Runaways was formed by Joan Jett and Sandy West. Cherie Currie joined shortly after and was the original vocalist for the band. She then left the band and Joan Jett took over as vocalist from there.


HEY HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP THAT'S dakota fanning singing, not kristen stewart


dakota fanning's unrecognizable here...


This movie is based on the book neon angels by Cherie Currie It is NOT a Joan Jett biopic
Dakota has the bigger role
but kristens twilight fame gives her top billing even if she is not the top star.


how do you know she please him in the sack were you watching> you people who write this sh-- make me sick kristen fans need to start boycotting your hits .


The movie is Kristen and Dakota's The movie will be focusing more on Joan & Cherie with their relationship and the success of the runaways. Also I hear it will show Joan Jett's rise to a rock star.


im a little confused, the story on top of the page says,its a joan jett biopic,but im not sure thats true,its about the runaways band. that means its about all of them.its just not about joan jett.


Dakota is playing the lead singer, in the runaways.kristen will play back up singer,so Dakota will have a major role in this movie.i just saw the trailer, and you can here her sing, she sounds pretty good.the movie looks so badass, these girls are going to rock it.


Question: Is this Dakota's movie or Kristen's? Who's story is the focus - Joan or Cherie?


Have you not seen Into the Wild, where she recieved widespread critical acclaim. She sings and plays the guitar...very well!