The Hills Season Finale Recap: "The Boys of Summer"

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On the season finale of The Hills, Spencer Pratt finally learned if Heidi is knocked up, while Justin refused to let Kristin Cavallari break things off without a fight.

As always, The Hollywood Gossip staff looks back at the major developments on Tuesday's episode of The Hills, awarding and deducting points as we see fit ...

A Barbie Wannabe

Minus 2 for the obligatory, scripted Stacie-Kristin opening discussion.

Spencer on Heidi's tactics: "That's straight hijacking sperm!" Plus 3.

Audrina Patridge feels that she has to see Justin - one last time - for closure. Minus 12 because we've heard that many times before, spanning two seasons.

Kristin tells Justin-Bobby she doesn't want a boyfriend right now. That or she just doesn't want one who mumbles constantly and bathes infrequently. Plus 4.

Spencer: "Am I a grown up, Enzo?" Enzo: "I dunno!" Plus 3.

Brody's friend Taylor, a.k.a. Sleazy T, is engaged! To Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex and the girl behind his fight with Jayde Nicole! Plus 11 for the randomness.

Kristin and Justin-Bobby are, like, a couple now. Yes, really.

Heidi has officially morphed into a skanky Barbie doll. Minus 4.

Wow, Jayde Nicole isn't crazy or clingy at all. Wow. Brody did the right thing and decided to end things, at least... if he goes through with it. Plus only 2 for now.

Kristin admits that maybe her bitchiness / bad-girl attitude is just a facade that stems from attachment issues after her parents' divorce. How ... honest! Plus 7.

Justin to Audrina: "Maybe I didn't commit because you weren't the one." Minus 6, but Plus 9 for her rebuttal that he's going to die alone. Harsh but necessary.

Plus 15 for Heidi Montag drawing out her answer, a la Season 2, when Spencer asks if she's preggers: "I was hoping ... it's my dream ... but ... I'm not." Way to make him squirm a little, Heidi. But Minus 10 because WE KNOW.

Apparently inspired by Audrina telling him off, Justin-Bobby bears his soul and says he's not ready to let Kristin go ... and she's all for it! Minus only 3, because while they totally gross us out, we can't say we saw it coming - for once.

TOTAL: +15! SEASON TOTAL: +105! Week in and week out, The Hills remains a fun guilty pleasure, and the season finale was no exception. But without Lauren Conrad, things aren't the same. Speidi can't carry it alone, and we're indifferent on Kristin.

Will the show be back for another season? Should it be back? What was your favorite part of last night's finale - and the season overall? Comment and tell us!


its not as good without lauren she is why the show was good! spencer and heidi are boring , kristin is annoying and audrina needs to just leave justin!!1


The hills SUCKS without Lauren either bring her back or just cancel the stupid show. Kristin is sooooo boring


Audrina has proved herself to be the official dick of this series and don't think it is necessary to give her, her own show. She contradicts herself so much and she whines a lot and for the majorit of the time I don't get why she's on there. This season I've actually grown to like Justin Bobby that much more. He says things how it is and it's true not seeing someone for 4 or 5 months at a time doesn't mean your together because your obsessed with them. My words. lol She's weird! Glad Lauren saw through her time ago.


I thought no one could be as distasteful as Speidi but this season I actually preferred them to Justin and Kristin and their incessant I'm-too-cool-to-enunciate mumbling. I miss LC.


Yes some 'real'ity puhlease, so sick of everything being fake! I still love this show, and the gossip rating "plus + minus -" Brody and Jayde are still together, Twitter speaks the truth. PLUS 11 FOR SURE! Sleazy Ts fiance Abbey Wilson is Joe Francis ex girlfriend, the same one from the fight with Jayde, what why wouldnt they mention that! Now thats crazy interesting and real, I want more of that story. I love Spencer but im sick of the Spencer Heidi baby situation.. lame, no one is that crazy. Again we need something that seems real. SO SICK of the Justin-Bobby, Audrina "im over it" convo. We got it, either stick together or end it. We are all sick of hearing the same convo. for 2 seasons now! Keep the show, change out some of the characters, make it more real..


Jayde and brody are together and are in hawaii right now. I love this show but how bout some 'real'ality please


Justin said "That's a stacked question...". I didn't get the end of it, too much mumbling.


What did Justin say (mumble) after Kristin asked him if he was her boyfriend now?


plz say this shit got cancled and MTV will replace it with oh i dunno...some music videos?!?!


For the love of God bring back Lauren Conrad! I think the reason behind why The Hills was such a big fat Turkey this season was not only the absence of Lauren, but the public are not stupid enough to believe that Kristin and Justin-Bobby are the kind of poeple who would actually hook-up in the real world. Nor would LO ever betray Lauren and befriend Kristin. Here's a plot line for MTV: bring back Lauren to defend Audrina's honour and make her have a bitch fight with Kristin once and for all. I think that would make for good viewing.

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