Tara-ble: Tara Reid Playboy Cover Unveiled!

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According to Playboy, its upcoming issue is "massive" and "double."

Based on the photo below, it's clear the former adjective refers to cover gal Tara Reid's breasts; while the latter describes the take our staff did upon seeing it.

Tara Reid? Really?!?

A shot of this train wreck in her underwear was enough to leave us nauseous for a month. Do we really need to see the whole thing?

Tara Reid Playboy Cover

Look closely and decide: Would nail this?


53% Yeah, I'd Still Go There!-Too Funny... Men are such pigs-they will stick it into anything
that doesn't conduct electricity -no, wait....Google just provided way too many disturbing
images to counter that claim

Tara Reid Biography

Tara Reid Photo Tara Reid is an awful actress who likes getting boob jobs. We almost feel sorry for her. Reid guest starred on Scrubs for a few episodes... More »
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Tara Reid