OMG: Angelina Jolie Planning "Revenge Pregnancy"

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Angelina Jolie is totally planning a "revenge pregnancy." We have no idea what that means, but In Touch Weekly reported it, so we're pretty sure it's legit.

We take this to mean that she's gotten over her recent suicide attempt and is ready to get down to the business of procreating ... and trapping Brad Pitt!

After all, if we are to believe this In Touch story, Brad and Jennifer Aniston just had their most “heartfelt” meeting ever ... if you know what they mean.

We're not even sure they know what they mean, actually, but Angelina feels she must take drastic action to keep him. That entails ... pulling the goalie?

It remains to be seen how far jealous Angie will go to perpetuate this hilarious, made-up soap opera expand her brood. But she's yearning for baby #7.

She'd just better hope Jen doesn't get knocked up first ...

MWA-HA-HA-HA! Team Angie striketh back with a REVENGE PREGNANCY!

It may not be real, but in the minds of tabloid editors, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston's war of words and potential baby-making with Brad is going strong.

Your move, Jen.

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i couldn't agree with you more on the Mega4A forum jpf!!! thank gdoenoss i am not the only one who thinks this!don't tell them that though, they'll call you names too and bully you out. once you say something about that topic which doesn't match with their opinion you're a troll.i know there are many people here who go there and i seriously hope they do not feel offended, but jjb is a site that is somewhat like FF in many ways. its only a few posters, not all i have met great people on jjb, with some i still have contact over mail! but these few posters ruin it- at least for me. and they ruin it for the ones who post great stuff there! they have great pics and quick info, but i am happy staying on JPWatch to a happier topic: tomorrow the rest of the LV pics will be out right? can't wait!i guess the kids will stay with their Dad in Malta, it would be stressy to fly there and back again in such a short time .


C'mon Mike ..I dont buy a 2, you're voting with your rualels. Jolie shows up to your backyard pool and you'd be doing backflips. I agree with the brother and Billy Bob thing but if she can tame Brad Pitt there aint a one of us that would stand a chance. Prop her another 9.5+ (even if she scares the shat outta me)


CALL. ME. 905. 799-8229. GREEK FAN AND IDOL.


why are angelina fans so psycho? oh yeah, cuz she's psycho, and no sane person would like her. hey guess what? no one wants brad anymore, cuz he looks like an old hobo jen looks beautiful and she looks like she's 40 years younger then him even though he's only 3 years older


YEAH GO ANGIE! I love her! I hate Jen! Jen need to stop herding on taken men especially the ones with kids. She's too desperate. Angie's so pretty and she has a great personality, why would he leave her? If he did that would have been the greatest mistake of his life. Stupid tablots! I hate when they make a big deal out of eveything.


ROFL!! How completely absurd.


a huge p.s. to that last comment: This woman reminds me of 'Mommie Dearest' seen it? hahaha well she is adopting and getting preggars for the same reason..for positive attention and to keep Brad Pitt. He used to be so hot but once she got her talons on him he looks just as burnt out and lame as Angelina does. hahaha really people, I mean, did this homewrecker really think Brad would take her seriously? she slept with her mom's boyfriend! hello! she certainly has done it all but seems the only one habit that seems hard for Angelina to break is sleeping with married men and fiances of other women! she's done this twice so far people! hahaha well, in closing, I have this to say to this 'woman' 2010 is here, what are ya going to do? whatever it is, I hope you work on your morals, dig em up outta that trash can and try em on! and, you really need to work overtime on your 'damage control' cuz it sucks, everyone still knows who you are and what you are xoxo kisses and crap like that


hahahahaha yupppp I knew it, I knew this cheap women will do anything to stay keep her little screwed up world going! I mean, ever since she got easy with a married man and finally got him she always would take a swipe at Jennifer Aniston by getting knocked up or adopting by Jennifer's bday in Feb...yeppp I knew it and she knows how to trap Brad I mean, he likes to drink and we all know what more and more alcohol leads to hmmmm yupp gotta hand it to this homewrecker, she's trying to stay afloat in her own home which is starting to fall apart, bit by bit and it's funny to watch.


stop trying to pick a fight with me on this post too lita, just keep it on one post, that is too much crazy being spread out


Angie really has jealousy problems and jen should just stay outa the relationship its not her buisness anymore

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