Miley Cyrus Honors Lady GaGa, Doesn't Suck

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It's safe to say we weren't huge fans of the outfit Miley Cyrus wore when she met the Queen of England last week.

Overt, 17-year old cleavage aside, though, we can give Cyrus credit when credit is due.

The singer put on a solid rendition of "Party in the USA" during her time in England, performing in front of royalty and a massive audience. She even changed a lyric and added some choreography in honor of THG favorite Lady GaGa.

See what we mean below:

Does this make up for the fact that Miley encouraged her nine-year old sister to smack her ass and sing along to Akon? Not even close.

But it does prove that we're capable of not hating on Cyrus every second of every day. That's a big step for us.

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love mileey cyrus she is my favorite xxxx


LEAVE ME AND MY BIG SIS ALONE SO SHUT THE F*** YOU MILEY HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Cyrus


IT IS MY LIFE SO FUCK YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love all of my lovers. If I am a slut than I do not love you. love, Miley Cyrus


yes i am a miley hater, because this was a POOR performance... nice booty "shaking" hahahahhaha that was very bad.


I don't approve of all the hatin' on Miley lately. But I do approve of this a little. Miley - I thought even YOU could sing this no-talent-required pop song. Guess I was wrong. And what up with that slut dance 1:08 on top of the truck? And the butt-kissing towards Lady Gaga? This number needs some work. Thank you very much.


omg who gives a fuck? its miley's life she can do w/e the hell she wants 2 do. god i hear this shit all the time like who seriously gives a rats ass? im not a miley hater or fan i just dont really talk about her or listen 2 her music that doesnt mean i hate her like all u shit heads r doing u cant stop miley from doing wat she wants 2 do
peace :]


MILEY HATERS STFU!!!!! u haters r just jealous that miley is beautiful and can sing and u guys cant u wanna no who cant sing and who is as ugly as hell? demi lovato. on her 1st episode of "sonny w/ a chance" i heard her voice squeak from time 2 time and wen she sings she shouts basically and she cant hit high notes plus shes fucking ugly and thinks she'll be the "next miley cyrus" well she wont SO MILEY HATERS GO SUCK DEMI LOVATO'S PUSSY!!!!!! MILEY RULES AND MILEY HATERS SUCK DEMI LOVATO'S ASS!!!!!!!


S-L-U-T wats that spell? MILEY!!! god i fuckin hate her she is the most annoying person on the planet and shes a whore look @ her outfit i could see her ass cheeks a lil and her dance moves god shes such a ho i cant even stand it!


Is she even singing? It's more lke shouting to me.