Miley Cyrus Hoes Down, Throws Down with Sister

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To many people, Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance was offensive and, therefore, they are pleased with ABC for perpetually punishing the artist.

To members of our staff, however, Miley Cyrus is a far worse role model for today's youth than last season's American Idol runner-up.

For example, the young singer has created the "Hoedown Throwdown," a song/routine in which she challenges someone on stage to a dance-off. It's a cute idea, but we're not sure if a 17-year old with Miley's dating history should be involved in anything titled a "hoedown."

We're also not sure if she should drag her little sister into it.

But during a concert in Miami this week, Miley and Noah Cyrus hoedowned and threwdown with one another. You tell us: is this adorable or unacceptable?

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It's cute! But i agree with Cerissa the body shake was sort of...un called for.But hoedown throwdown is just a DANCE not like a STRIP DANCE ok? So it's just a dance that her and her little sis were doing that's it.I mean Miley has her moments but everyone does.She's just a person. But i wouldn't say she's a COMPLETE angel O:) but no one is BUT she's not a DEVIL 3:) either.


that was so sweet but u know that she is a slut go on youtude and put this in is miley cyrus a bitch and a slut whore


Miley Cyrus is such a bad example to her young fans. She's such a slut now, not sweet anymore. Her parents should do something about this, especially with her younger sister before it gets any more worse than it already is. Her ass can be seen with the dress she's wearing in this video.


miley xyrus is a terrible influence and she is turning her sister into a Ho ho ho just like her,she may have her good moments i'll say that but she is all around a loose puss*ed hoe!


you make Miley Cyrus sound awful.
THIS IS A HANNAH MONTANA DANCE, not some trashy whore dance.
there is nothing wrong with it, a hoe down is a type of dance in the south, it has nothing to do with hoes.
grow up and leave the poor girl and her 9 year old sister alone.


It was cute- but I think Miley's dress was WAY too short!


Ohmygosh,You people just stop it.Miley is just a normal teenager,she has to live her life normal.Doesn`t because she is a actress she can`t live her life normal,of course she can.So stop pulling Miley down,she is a great person,and yeah everyone has a bad side of them.Look at yourself first before You look at Miley.And it doesn`t mean that because she`s working for Disney she has to be plastic and don`t be real for herself,so just please leave Miley alone,she is just a normal teenager who wants to live her life to the fullest :-j.


ey did you guys see miley showing Noah that body shake that was very wrong of her but i liked how she let her on stage


I tink it was ADORABLE!!! And yall need to stop making Mley Cyrus look bad. Ok? Because she is not bad at all. She's just a regular teenager!!!!!


this is cute i do not get how its unacceptable