Miley Cyrus Has a Fast Food Fetish

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Miley Cyrus adores many things: attention, country music, Liam Hemsworth, cheering on her ass-slapping young sister.

But a fascinating new report in Life & Style focuses on Miley's one, true love: fast food.

Despite staying at a five-star hotel in Ireland last week, the singer apparently only had a craving for certain high-calorie items:

"She sent out for... cheese fries and seven burgers," a source said. "She had two Double Takes with double the meat, two Atomic Burgers with chili and jalapeños, two Cheeez Please Burgers and a classic burger with secret sauce."

And how did she wash all this down? "With an Oreo shake," the insider confirms.

Fast Food Eater

Cyrus' binge didn't end there: reportedly, a local burger joint, Eddie Rocket's, placed a staffer on call in case the star wanted more.

If these reports are true, we have two reactions:

  1. Did Life & Style really spend money to find out what food Miley Cyrus likes to eat?
  2. Way to go, Miles! We'd much rather see a celebrity remain true to herself and her diet than shill for some unhealthy weight loss supplement and shrink down to the size of a skeleton as a result.

hmm so what if she eats food... i cant stand the bitch but really is her eating that big of a deal... and trust me umm this means a lot coming from me... i really cant stand her... and ill be straight im so fucking jealous of her hot damn shes fine haha :P yall have a fun time bitchin about what she eats.... and the umm gangsta wannabe thanks for the amazing laugh your sooo ghetto :) bye yall


Miley Amoo!!!
Adoro fast foods!!


WTF????? You're always whining and worrying about anorexia in celebs, and yet you're encouraging them not to eat anything other than half a stick of celery per week. Why are you so hurtful? Let the darn girl eat her freaking fries! And anyone who makes fun of this article should be ashamed!!!


Yall hoes n niggas need 2 stop talking shit yall just jealous cuz she FINE AND SEXY n u aint.N if ya got a problem den write something else BITCHES!!!


Yall hoes n niggas need 2 stop talking shit yall just jealous cuz she aint.N if ya got a proálem with wat i said then write something else BITCHES!!!


i wish she'd jump off a cliff so i could go to her funeral and sing like a banshee (i.e. immitate her)


Miley is such a slut and only made it cuz her dad kno's oprah hence her name Destiny Hope (lol the irony)! she STINKS AND THE FAST FOOD STINKS EVEN WORSE AND I NEVER THOUGHT IT POSSIBLE THAT SOMETHING COULD!you people should all kno that pig and beef are DISGUSTING and full of FAT and BIPRODUCTS and PIG IS THE DIRTIEST ANIMAL YOU COULD EAT! THAT EAT THEMSELVES FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD! away laughing on a fast camel, ttyl! :))


Oh my gosh she muat been a pig!!!!!!!!!!and maybe fat


Reese fuk yo bitchass her face is fucking fine.I would fuck her anytime and let her suck my dick


omg wuts wrong with me i actually took up for miley cyrus woow am i sick? lol jp hehe shes cool:p


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