The Situation Room: Mike Sorrentino Breaks Down Jersey Shore, Living the Guido Lifestyle

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Mike Sorrentino, who "unveiled" his new persona The Situation on last night's episode of Jersey Shore, did not impress Sammi with the new moniker.

But he's already a hit with the MTV show's viewers, though, and it should come as no surprise that he's looking at getting The Situation trademarked.

Jersey Shore Cast in Italy

Yes, really.

"I'm trying," Mike Sorrentino, the assistant manager of a gym (of course) when he's not tanning, boozing and pumping his fist on the Jersey beach.

"I'm in the process of it right now. I don't know if it's possible, but I'm trying ... They're actually selling 'I Love The Situation' panties on!"

A 27-year-old native of Staten Island (of course) says he gets "bombarded all day long" with praise from friends and fans since the show debuted.

That's because Jersey Shore, with its self-described "guidos" and "guidettes" sharing a summer house in Seaside Heights, N.J., is a bona fide hit.

Negative stereotypes and offended Italian-Americans aside, Mike Sorrentino makes no apologies for bragging about living what he calls the Guido Lifestyle.

"I'm very confident in being Italian," he says. "I'm proud to have spiky hair and to have my six-pack. Whoever doesn't like it, I'm not really too worried about it because everybody should love themselves. If you don't love yourself, who will?"

Obviously not housemate Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancarlo.

After a heavy flirtation with Mike, Sammie ended up hooking up with the most muscled housemate, Ronnie Magro, on last night's Jersey Shore.

"I was a little upset," Mike admits. "I am a little bit of a wild kid but at the same time, I have that sensitive side. I would love to settle down."

Well, there are always gay guys to make him feel better: "I'll be honest, I definitely like the attention," he says of his appeal to the other team.

"I'm flattered if there are guys that have crushes on me."


Mikes cool remember people its all scripted im sure no matter what they say look how much Jenni says she dislikes him but on every after show reunion she is always hugging or sitting next to him and if you can stand Ronnie the womanizer and Lyer that he is than you can surely put up with Mike he may start drama BUT atleast he remains truthful and doesnt lie when he is trying to be serious the truth came out about him and snooki and it just goes to show he hasnt lied and when he told Sammi about Ron fooling around where did it get him stabbed in the back if my poartner were cheating I would want the truth


i can't believe you got a break on a tv show when there are so many other people that are talented out there


mike i think you are a disgusting idiot douche bag that has no morals. you treat women like garbage on your trash of a show. you should be ashasmed of yourself


Mike Is So HotT


Stop hating this kid. What you expect him to do after he got a break on a show? What would any of you? He's trying his best to be out there, styling, delivering, speaking, being nice, part of the show, he was hired for that. He went on dancing and tried his best. He went on Trump's Comic View and he tried. It's not about what any of us can't do but how to make a buck to live better. I'd rather do something like he is instead of being in retail and work meaningless days and years to gather fazoo's to pay my bills. It's a darn killer world and besides the wars, catastrophes, unable, sick, poor, homeless and full of problems people, there's some kind of nicety in watching a couple of minutes of these Jersey Shore kids having a good time. Maybe the best times of their lives. It won't last, even less than 90210. I'm glad he got a break. Let him enjoy his small fame and attention. He's not stealing anything.


Mikes has a gr8te personality and he is a cutie pie


Mike is the Bomb! He has the best and funniest personality of all the Jersey Shore housemates. And, He CAN COOK! Very talented young man, Love ya, Mike. I hope you get your own reality show because I will be watching it constantly. You hav a quick wit, very sharp on the comebacks, love it.
Take care, you cutie "guido"


cool kid,He was my ride to school. Partied all the time


Mike you are the best!


Mike "the masterbation" he should be called after bringing home some of those skanks!

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