Michelle Duggar: Hospitalized, But Alright

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Michelle Duggar of TLC's 18 Kids and Counting (she's the one who gave birth to 18 kids with one on the way) was hospitalized, but is thankfully doing fine.


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    Ok who cares if they have 19 kids, if you actually watch the show, you would realize they are a completely normal family, i mean yeah they are super religious but ALOT of people are. The have 0 debt and arnt asking anyone for anything, how about we bash all the people who abuse the welfare system??? there the ones stealing the tax dollars, not selfreliant families who decide to have lots of kids. Anyways, someone has to make up for the fact that so many women are deciding not to have children, children are our future and beleive it or not, we need them!




    so what if they are having 19 children soon. they are dept free and not getting any aid from anyone. it would be differeny if they were living off the goverment. they have a perfect life and they are very very good parents.


    Their story is better than other multi child families because the kids amazingly do seem to be very well rounded. But I agree, enough is enough. Can you imagine the toll that this woman's body must have taken so far??? She is my age I believe and I only have 2, can't imagine for a second being pregnant for the last 20 plus years of my life. Yikes. Love and having kids is more than the amount.


    That woman is sick and her husband is sicker. Zip up your pants, dude.


    Stop breeding ffs... don't you know there's a global climate crisis going on right now? Oh, you're American ...guess that'll be a no then.

    Obama should bring in a carbon tax - something like $10 per kilo of child above two children. Come to that slam it on the fat people too - that'd learn em.


    18 kids? really? Can someone explain to these people that it's not 1820 any longer.

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