Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan: Actually Dating!

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After rumors swirled earlier this week that they were dating, friends confirm that Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan are in fact an item – and taking things slow.

"They're getting to know each other," says a source. "He's a nice guy."

Friday, Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan were spotted together in New York City. She was in town earlier for sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Broadway debut.

Corgan's spirituality may just be what appeals to Simpson. Really.

On September, Jessica Simpson, who has often spoken about how important God is to her and whose father, Joe Simpson, is a former pastor, Tweeted this:

"My friend, Billy Corgan, has a pure, enlightening outlook on faith."

Who knew? Here's a picture of them together taken last Friday ...

Billy Corgan is really dating Jessica Simpson!

No matter where this new romance heads, a friend of Simpson's says she is happy that she is dating again – especially after Tony Romo dumped her this summer.

"She's a great girl," says a friend. "She's really clingy and desperate and has absolutely no talent sweet. She's had a tough year, but she deserves the best."

We can't wait to see where this new romance leads!


I wish Jessie had stayed with Nick. He really loved her and now she is going from relationship to relationship. She didn't appreciate the good thing she had. Now look at her!


Wow!! Nickdoggofthawestside you are the worst, most horrible, person on this site. You are using vulger language just because people dislike Jessica. People dislike Jessica for a reason. Jessica lies and contradicts herself in magazine interviews. She made a living out of marketing her boobs and showing off in horrible low cut dresse, prancing around in bikinis, and marketing the thin is better hollywood life style. But now that she has gained weight she can't take the critics. I call that being a hypocrite. She is also a notorious liar. She tells the world she designs shoes and handbags. She doesn't. All she did was sell her name. The designing is done by the company who bought her name. She is a fake and a phony. That is why no one likes her. I won't even go into her horrible music career


who cares!!


I have yet to figure out what Jessica's contribution to the entertainment world is. I saw her on Rachel Ray one day and she came across as being just plain stupid. Picture her 40 years from now guys, those huge breasts will sag beyond belief and she probably still won't be capable of carrying on an even halfway intelligent conversation. Not a pretty picture. I feel very sorry for the young woman......someone did her no favors (dad). Too bad. She would do better to just not talk in public.


Um, brilliant dialogue going on here. Seems to me that you're all just a bunch of wanna-be righteous assholes who have to say something just to feel like you matter.
Jessica Simpson is an attractive woman. I don't care for her music, but she's got a decent voice. The first time I heard Take My Breath Away, I thought it was the orignal from Berlin.
I presume most of you are all under the age of 25 and you're all so wrapped up in yourselves, that your opinion is the only one that matters. Please, grow up, get a clue, and stop the petty bullshit. If you had 1/1000th the exposure she has, good or bad, you would be lucky.
You all make me ill. Piss off, you're a waste of protoplasm. However...if you want to rank on the other sister, please feel free!!! She has absolutely no talent and is married to a troll!


no reason for the likers to hate on the don't likers


Jessica hides behind an ugly big tasteless purse-just like herself!


you are right,above comment-for_real_tho-is a hating hypocrite!hateful on the don't like Jessica S. People like Jessica S. or don't like Jessica S.-so what-people have their own opinions!!


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