Rumored Couple: Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan?!

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Has Jessica Simpson traded down once again?

According to recent reports, Smashing Pumpkins (remember them from the 1990s?) frontman Billy Corgan has been smashing it ... with Jessica Simpson!

Terrible segues and sexual innuendo aside, this is a real rumor. E! says the alleged singer is smitten with the awful singer. That guy's voice is so dreadful.

Anyway, it's a lot more than just lust, they say. What reportedly started off as a mere crush on the alt-rocker has turned into something much deeper!

Hope the rest of the Pumpkins have their tuxes dry cleaned ...

Are Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan smashing hitting it?

"She has fallen hard and is smitten," a source says of Jessica Simpson, adding that both she and 42-year-old Billy consider themselves "officially dating."

Reps for both have yet to comment, but another source close to Jess says her inner circle is not exactly thrilled when it comes to this rumored hookup.

"He's just another in an endless string of Jessica's boyfriends," says the source. "They think he's too old for her. No one takes her boyfriends seriously."

"She has had so many by now. They're sick of all of them being 'the one.'"

This quote is from someone who is friends with Jessica Simpson, too.

Sounds like even those close to her are sick of her 24/7/365 pity parties. No wonder Tony Romo flew the coop before Joe pressured him into marriage.


let me guess, the "author" of this thinks that whatever's on the hip hop radio station right now is "the shit!" turn off the freaking radio, and find out what real musical talent is, and then rewrite this. you give a reason to support euthenasia.


Im going to follow suit with Hellion...traded down?? Billy Corgan is a freeking God. He has done things for the alternative/rock music scene that most of the posers today can only dream about...Get some musical knowledge blog writer...or at least some understanding of the Bands the influenced the current music market...fool.


I love Jessica's this is my one and only soul mate we are meant for each other forever - every year on the People cover! Billy must be 2010's one and only soulmate. She is such a dreadful person.


Wow this blog entry is appalling. Who would ever call Corgan an awful singer? Are you kidding me?? The Hollywood Gossip needs more musically cultured writers.. not to mention better writers. I am more upset by this terrible post than the actual rumor. And Poor Corgan, what is he thinking :/


Strange couple...he looks like a woman (bald Kirstin Dunst) and she looks like a man (Joe Simpson in a bad wig).


lol Hellion an icon and a genius? point taken on Tony Romo and his near winless December-January record but you may be inflating Billy somewhat


Traded down? Um, Billy Corgan is an icon and a genius. Tony Romo is a solid quarterback for an average football team. Traded down?

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