Jamie Jungers Grilled Over Tiger Woods Nude Pics

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As she continues to make the media rounds dishing about her affair with Tiger Woods, mistress Jamie Jungers was caught in a bit of a lie Monday morning.

During a radio interview with John & Ken on KFI 640 in Los Angeles, she was questioned about taking photos of Tiger Woods nude. Jungers grew furious.

She denied having any nude photos of Tiger, but her aunt, Susan Minor, recently said in her own interview that Jamie Jungers did - and bragged about it.

"My aunt? I don't believe she said that," Jungers said, before the radio hosts pointed out that they just watched Minor's interview on RadarOnline.com.

Jungers grew angry and then called her aunt "kinda crazy," but the hosts pressed her further and asked if she was getting a payoff from Tiger's camp.

"You know what," Jungers snapped. "I haven't made a penny from all of this $h!t and the only reason I'm involved with this is because of an ex-fiancé."

Yeah, except that's not true. While her ex-fiance did reveal Jungers' affair with Tiger first, she has sold her story, with permission, to media outlets since.

Did Jamie Jungers photograph Tiger Woods nude?

As for the nude photos, three separate family members say Jamie Jungers told them she took nude photos of Tiger Woods after he passed out following sex.

It's a moot point, as Woods' lawyers have already blocked any photo deal, but Susan Minor challenged Jamie to a polygraph showdown to prove her claims.

Further proof that Jamie's a big liar? She said earlier in the interview that she is limited by her publicist in what she could reveal about her affair with Tiger.

But when she didn't like the questioning, she blabbered about her "personal business with Tiger" and how it "wasn't supposed to be brought out," etc.

The host interrupted the trashy model and possible escort, asking: "You have a publicist? Wait a second. It's private business but you have a publicist?"

Increasingly annoyed, Jungers then threatened them with her lawyer before hanging up. Follow the jump to hear the hilarious interview for yourself ...

Bun stinger

I'm actually slightly surprised that thus far no one I know has emerged from this scandal. You see, I've made a nice career these past 10 years out of spanking the bouncing bare bottoms of women exactly like Tiger's ho's in front of a video camera. Needless to say, I find my job to be immensely rewarding both financially and emotionally. Sorry to say I've yet to get my hands on any of the genuine articles however. It's a damn shame really. I mean, maybe like Jamie here would have learned her lesson or something ;-)


Gee....what a family! Sharing and baring....little tidbits and photos....awwwww... Jamie's family should be voted family of the year with their closeness and all.....:P


It is idiot reporters or in the case low life radio jockey's that should be put in their place....she did a favor to them answering questions, she should have hung up on them right from the start for being sleezy!!!


I loved this interview! Time for some guys to hit back at these trashy gold diggers

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