Madam: Jamie Jungers and Holly Sampson are Prostitutes; Tiger Woods Used Escort Service

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Looks like Jamie Jungers and Holly Sampson, numbers four and seven, respectively, on the ever-growing Tiger Woods mistress list, are a couple of hos.

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    Good on those Girls for exposing Woods for the idiot he is...and by the way there was no Garden of Eden you idiot!


    people R stupid Says - you are a cunt!


    Its easy for most of us men to fall...into this especially when most of us really have no idea of the consequences and the hurt that we would inflict. Those women are very beautiful. IT is their job to seduce men. I wonder when this started. Is it possible its stated at during his stag party. We are not bad because we love women. We are misunderstood. A man is weak specially when one does not have experience of lost and how wonderful love is with one dedicated person. Often we realize often too late to salvage anything. IT is obvious most of these women are not so wonderful. Did they not realize how Tigers family would be hurt by all this. We know his wife, but what about His children, his mother, father all would be devastated. You say its his fault..I say yes but its not his children's fault. Do the children deserve to loose their father...
    Of course we know, the media has no conscience and all are victim of callousness of people...all must behave responsibly


    One word LOWLIFE


    holly says he's the whitest black guy and gentleman" after f*****g him at his bachelor party. she mentions kevin too. his half brother? heard he caused some problems and his "gang" did...they ran alot of hoes and they most of them knew each other. there is a greater story here. arranged marriage? heard he paid for many homes and paid off many people. and jamie? what is her or any of the girls connections to mormons, prostitution, arizona, major crime, high political families, intel?


    Tiger Woods is fool to fall with these escorts in exchange with his wife and family.


    Make it legal, don't get married and have kids. men are dogs and will never change.
    sex addiction is as bad as drugs. Tiger is an idiot for having unprotected sex, and
    with such reckless behavior, his marriage is over. What a fool.

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