Jaimee Grubbs Pictures: Tiger's Tool Academy Girl

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Earlier today, Jaimee Grubbs, of VH1's Tool Academy quasi-fame, came forward to allege that she had been having a 31-month affair with golf great Tiger Woods.

She says that she met the athlete in Las Vegas back in April 2007 and have slept together at least 20 times since. Those of you doing quick math are correct:

April 2007-Right Freaking Now = 31 months.

In fact, Us promises that tomorrow, it will post a voicemail Woods left Jaimee Grubbs last Tuesday in which he says his wife, Elin, may have caught on to the affair.

Could it be that Jaimee was the mistress whose involvement with Tiger triggered Elin's wrath, and that Rachel Uchitel wasn't even involved (which she claims)?

Jaimee Grubbs rocks a red bikini in this recent photo.

While Tiger and Elin will not face charges after the incident last week - he crashed his car into a hydrant and a neighbor's tree after presumably fleeing his mansion in the midst of a nuclear fight with her - he's still got a lot of explaining to do.

That's assuming Grubbs is even telling the truth, of course.

Right now, it's all speculation. But if Us' voicemails and texts are valid - the celeb gossip magazine claims Jaimee's given them the goods - it could get really ugly.

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i didnt know there was an asshole club till i see the addy......


If You can't Defeat the Tiger, Don't Harass Him Either ... You Moron (Jaimee Grubbs), save every single text message to harass Tiger Woods, clearly you can't earn $$ because you're the Ugliest on the planet, so the best way to gain publicity and $$ is to save all the text messages. Now a question, even if you were lucky enough to sleep with Tiger Woods, so what do you wanna prove? You are clearly looking for $$$ right, what's the difference between you and a Prostitute. I tell you the difference a Prostitute is honest, and You are NOT!


TIGER speaks on his return to golf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...




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You did the same thing on Tool Academy. I wanted to change my boyfriend but he had a girlfriend to for 6 years and called you out and you were left out again, find you own man and leave everyone elses alone. Your just looking for quick stardom. Tiger is wrong but you knew he was married and admitted he would never stay with you your a slut.


Both are sluts : Tiger being unfaithful to her wife and the Slut for airing out their private affair , shame on you all


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Jamie Grubbs is personally bringing the word slut back into the mainstream.

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