It's a Baby Boy For Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen!

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Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen, have welcomed a baby boy.

It's Tom's second child (he and Bridget Moynahan have a son as well), and the first for the Brazilian supermodel. Congratulations to the new parents!

Alba and Honor

Details of the baby's birth (like when and where), his vital statistics and the things that everyone wants to know (like his name) have not yet been released.

Brady is scheduled to address reporters later this morning.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen just had a baby boy!

The birth caps a banner year for the GQ Man of the Year, who tied the knot with Gisele in April and returned to the football field after a knee injury this fall.

He also saw Gisele Bundchen nude about nine months ago this minute.

That's gotta be up there with three Super Bowl titles on his list of life achievements. Maybe even above them. If they had won a fourth, though, who knows.


Lets Celebrate!I wish to share and congratulate my god daughter Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady for the birth of their son BENJAMIN.
I hope this little child can show them new values in life and that his existence brings them a light to be followed for things which really matter.
Take care of this little boy, so he can grow up healthy and happy. Protect this child like a precious treasure given to you as a Christmas gift.Cheers!
Dinda Lisi (God Mother Lisi - Elisabeth Nonnenmacher) - Australia


Honestly the reason no one has seen "no name" is because he is a very unattractive newborn and looks like an ugly little old man and looks just like Gisele and nothing like Tim. At least thats the whispers around the maternity water cooler where she gave birth. Makes sense now why Tom hasn't proudly shown off pic's since the baby is among the the "ooh he's a SWEET baby" group. Sad to think what pressure this poor fellow will have with parents who are famous and paid for being considered good looking and even beautiful ( I quite frankly don't see the beauty in Gisele since she looks like a MAN to me) but the world expects this poor child to be the cutest baby on earth and it is said "he couldn't be further from cute" So sad!


I wish bnienestar and health. his dad A not to neglect whit Jack. Psychologically he can hurt a lot. if this baby looks like her dad will be fine ... if she looks like her mother, poor baby will be very ugly


"Banner Year" ? The Pats are 7 and 5 right now.


so what?


Tom and Gisele are both UGLY people-inside and out!

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