Eminem Likely Disses Adam Lambert, Gays Around the World

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It looks like Eminem is at it again.

The rapper, known as much for stirring up controversy as writing and rapping incredible lyrics, has released a new song titled "Elevator."

In one of the verses, he appears to refer to a trio of gay celebrities by a derogatory term. He raps:

Sorry, Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it/ They get so mad, when I call them both fake/ It's all these fucking voices in my head, I can't take it/ Someone shut that fucking baby up, before I shake it.

Say the words "fake" and "it's" together quickly and you'll understand from where the latest controversy arises.

In 2001, following accusations that he was homophobic, Eminem sang a memorable duet with Elton John at the MTV Music Awards. The pair even embraced afterwards.

Because he's so talented, we often wish Eminem would let his ability do all the talking, but he hasn't seemed to have matured much at age 37.

In response to the single, Adam Lambert Tweeted:

"Wow eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doin something right!? Even if he used the f word…. Whtev."

Lambert later corrected himself when told the lyrics techically didn't include the word "faggots." Listen to "Elevator" above and decide for yourself.


The great thing about music is that you're not force to listen to anything you don't want too. You don't like Eminem, you don't like what he has to say, DON'T LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC, its that simple. Eminem became famous by making fun of celebrities, it really doesn't surpise me what Eminem does anymore. I smile and think to myself: "Eminem your so crazy"! Lmaooo. What people say is not going to change that he is going to write what he wants, talk about whoever he wants, and say whatever he wants. And his fans love it, you don't become the highest selling artist of the decade for nothing. Hes a smart man and he knows what he is doing.


Eminem is 1000X more talented then that 'fake it' Adam Lambert haha. Anyone who disses EM and says he has no talent, is out of there fuckin mind - look up some of his song lyrics and you will see how genius he is. Some of his lyrics are crude, but a lot of it is him telling the world as it is and people like Grambert dont want to accept that the world aint perfect, so they beak Eminem for expressing himself.


Well if for once you wouldn't take everything em says in vain maybe you would realize he is not all about drugs etc etc . If you have problem with RAP thats fine . Rap is nothing more than Urban POEM'S I don't see anyone getting pissed of when M. Longley said FUCK THE POPE in one of his poems , yet I see dozen of people get mad when em disses some lil fag . SO what he is just expressing himself . Freedom of speech remember? World has become so twisted that you don't see that Gay people are just like PEDO's . They dont fuck children for fun , they "love" them . But you see that as unacceptable . AND I AGREE. But when a gay person says that its perfectly fine . WELL FUCK THAT. MOther nature created man and A woman , not 2 men to fuck eachothers brains out . GAY IS NOT NATURAL . and fuck those fagget dogs and other animals . It's your twisted brain thats causing all that gay shit . If you ask me GAY sex is the real sin , not normal sex . In that matter fuck church .


Both Eminem and Lambert are third rate performers at best. The number of their fans only reflects the number of stupid people being milked by the obscene entertainment industry.
Watching them bitch at each other is like watching a cock fight in a filthy basement down a dark alley.


go Grambert from an Adam fan,it is time for new music , he is here to stay, Im tired that we can listen to all that rap crap, thats okay on tv, that supposedly is okay Adam is here , he is not going anyplace, an incredible artist , person, voice, Im tired of the rap crap, that they call music,, and Eminem always has to pick on who is new of course, he has nothing better to do,


Sorry Amber, I directed my comments to the wrong person.


Sorry Mac5, I didn't realize I was picking on a little kid, I have grandchildren your age. Quite a mouth you have for a tenth grader, but I do applaud you for your good grades and success in school, and also for the fact that you have chosen to stay drug free and sober. Good Job! My feelings about Eminem remain the same however.


Excuse me Grambert1877, I find your comment very offensive because I am in 10th grade and I love eminem. I have had straight A's ever since I have been in school and I am in AP, Honors, and advanced classes. I have never done drugs or drank or done anything bad, so your comment is obviously not true.


In response to Mac5: Your comments show exactly the class of people who find Eminem appealing. Exactly how many words do you have in your vocabulary all together?


Okay first off, if u know emeinem, u know what he says, hes one of the best musicians ever rapper or not and the most selling artist of the decade so fuckin obviously he makes good music u stupid fucker if he didnt he wouldnt be who he is u dumb fuck! And second what the fuck happened to free speech if u dont like the fuckin music then dont listen ignorant people make me fuckin angry this is exactly why he couldnt say faggets even though thats what he wanted to say so dont get fuckin mad because hes 10 times more clever and intelligent than you'll ever be you fuckin prick!

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