Brooke Mueller Recants Assault Allegations, Charlie Sheen Out on Bail

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Charlie Sheen has been released from prison.

The actor posted $8,500 bond last night, following a significant update to the assault charges leveled against him.

Charlie Sheen Mug Shot

Immediately prior to the bail hearing, wife Brooke Mueller recanted her story to a Colorado police officer. She said she was drunk when she dialed 911 (her blood alcohol test at the time measured a whopping .13) and reportedly backed up Sheen's story that he was merely defending himself.

Still, authorities will pursue charges against the Two and a Half Men star for now.

Sheen has hired Colorado attorney Richard Cummins and his next court date is schedule for February 8.

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Oooh. Heard more about Charlie. Wife w/red marks on neck, he threatened her, no good stuff. I really like his show, but this is bad. What do you do? Stop watching it? He's got to repair this. We all have faults, but
we aren't in the public and they have to remember that at all times...there are always repercussions to bad behavior.


I'm glad his wife recanted and admitted she was drinking. I heard the 911
call and was not convinced that she was not making up things as she went along. Her call alone does not confirm that she was in danger. She could have been lying to get back at him which she did get him landed in jail. So quickly now she is recanting her story. I wonder if her voice can be put under a "stress" test? If he was really a threat, shame on him, because he's a likable actor, but abuse cannot be tolerated. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who are capable of calling "wolf" just to get back at someone!


Why a mother of two babies being drunk??? That's terrible!!!


Poor Charlie Sheen I feel sorry for the guy cause he is a wonderful actor and person from what I can tell. I can't see hate in him and he just gets mixed up with dumb women and then think since he is a start they can ruin his life and that ain't fair to him. Cause he is kick in the pants of actor and I like his movies and shows and I am collector fan of his. Good luck to you Charlie Sheen and keep your head up and smile it will be alright...


Derek and both are cavemen so go back under the rock where you came from. You are not men! You are spineless and weak!


Why a mother of two young babies being so drunk? SO irresponsible!


Charlie, man, stop marrying these dumb bitches!