Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston: No Custody For You!

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Unlike tens of thousands of Playgirl subscribers who flocked to see pictures of Levi Johnston nude, Bristol Palin wants nothing to do with her baby daddy.

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    Also, the Palin lawyer was nine days late submitting a written request to use pseudonyms so he should have checked himself before he wriggety-wrecked himself.
    Any idiot who introduces fake Twitters as evidence of lack of parental abilities or rights needs a knock upside the brain pan anyway.


    Bristol was the one who went to court and wanted special treatment - Levi was not asking for it to be made public, he was asking for it NOT to be MADE private! That was a special request by Sarah's, also now Bristol's, lawyer. But the Palins are regular people so they get the same "privacy" anyone else gets in a court of law.
    Good example of why they wanted to try and make it private (not keep - make): this story was dated the day after Tripp's birthday? Google it, there are conflicting reports of Dec. 27th AND Dec. 28th. Nobody knows for sure. The Palins can't keep their stories straight and they want this all kept private because court documents require proper dates/names/info.
    Wait and see. Levi looks like Dr. Phil compared to most of the Palins looking like Jerry Springer guests in this saga.


    I don't see any reason for him not to have shared custody of his child, what reason would she have? The only place he did himself some real harm in this respect was that stupid posing nude for Playgirl, now that can come back to prove he is rather unfit! But, he is arrogant, know it all, just like his former girlfriends mom, who is apparently calling the shots here!


    While evryone is busy bashing the parents and/or Grandparents ? All that really matters is what is good for this sweet little child who did not ask for any of this. I hope everyone involved is able to see through all the bad feelings and personal agendas and do what is best for Tripp. After all, the baby deserves to know all his family who probably Love him regardless of their own short comings. God Bless you all and good luck..Carolyn in MD>


    She should have sole custoday...why...she is no better than Levi. Bristol is NOT doing this on her own and she should have thought about sharing this child with the father she went and got knocked up. Levi's family may not be ideal but that doesn't mean he should not have joint custody. That is the main problem nowadays the families think they should have a say in a custody dispute they have no business being invovled in. Sarah Palin needs to butt out and take care of her kids.


    You go Levi and don't EVER give up-keep fighting!! Thoughts are with you from New Zealand.


    I think Levi and Bristol are both victims of Mrs. Palin's unending ambition and self-love. Personally, I'd prefer to take my chances with Levi. He is a fairly clear read, and does not fabricate his image for the public. The sad thing is that they may well have been in love but Big Mama rules the roost.


    He's not the greatest baby daddy ever but he deserves joint custody. To push him out in this manner smacks of bullying.


    I totally agree. What a sad way for a child to enter this world. This story is a great message to young teens....what NOT to do. It would have been great if they really did care for each other and were in love, etc. but I am not shocked that it was all for nothing. Then again, you mess around with a girl or guy, you COULD make a baby.


    You guys are on a roll, bullcrap is flowing must be low on hits or something, right...eVeryone knows that Levi and his whole family are abunch of losers. Bristol learned a little too late, now this poor little baby will have to deal with his horrible paternity for the rest of his life...Granny's in jail and Daddy will whore himself out to anyone for a buck....sad sad situation...

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