Accenture to Pull Ads, Cut Ties with Tiger Woods

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Global consulting giant Accenture dumped cheating golf legend Tiger Woods yesterday, saying he is "no longer the right representative" of the company.

Woods' firing by Accenture will cost him $7 million a year.

Accenture is the first corporate sponsor known to have severed all ties with Woods, although AT&T and Gillette have also stopped running ads showing Tiger.

Nike and video game maker EA are standing by Tiger - for now.

But with Elin Woods' wedding ring off, various babes still coming out of the woodwork and Tiger on an indefinite break from golf, he's creating terrible PR 24/7 and not even competing in the sport he rules. Not what you want in a pitchman.

Given the obvious jokes you could make out of Accenture's ad taglines featuring Tiger Woods, you can certainly see why they washed their hands of him:

How can you plan ahead ... when you're juggling 15 bimbos?

What you did? 0 percent. Who you did? 100 percent.

Oh, it's a setback, all right.

Neither is your neighbor's lawn.


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