A Khristmas Katastrophe at the Kardashians!

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If you thought Christmas at the Sheens was exciting, take a look at what went down with the Kardashians on December 24:

As first reported by TMZ, Bruce Jenner dialed 911 on Christmas Eve because his neighbor allegedly went nuts at the valet standing outside the family's residence.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Witnesses reportedly told the cops the man appeared drunk and argued over the presence of the valet - even falling over at one point and spilling blood on the street.

Sources close to the family say Pastor Brad - the man that should have his license revoked for marrying Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom - tried to help the wasted neighbor. For his good deed, he was punched in the face!

Fortunately, Jenner broke up the potential melee and no arrests were made.

The lessons, as always:

  • Don't hire valets and rub in your neighbors' face how much money you possess;
  • Make sure a former Olympic decathlon champion is on the premises to settle all disputes.
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I love the Kardashian family style. If I ever get a chance to move, I would live at Los Angelos, to learn more about the hottest celebrity family. I absolutely love the outfits of the Kardashians and their show. I don't miss a single episode.


I love the kardarshian family,they are so wonderful and for khloe and lamar,u guys are meant for eachother


i love khloe i think her and i would make great friend,i love her style im also happy for her and lamar wheres the baby c mon get t making babies


I hope they don't continue to disappoint with their shrieking and hysteria. This white people clan mentality of mockery for friends marrfaige schemes is really juvenile and a grab for ratings.


lol, I was hoping this story would be juicier! Like a scrap between Khloe and Lamar, lol


kardashians with do you have for the twins. they looke hot