The Official Remember Me Movie Trailer

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In case you haven't heard, Robert Pattinson is starring in a little movie called New Moon.

He's also scheduled to play a key role in Eclipse, the third film in the Twilight Saga, due out on June 30, 2010.

In between these blockbusters, however, the British actor will expand his resume and appear in Remember Me. The flick co-stars Emile de Ravin, with whom Robert was spotted making out a few months ago.

Was this kissing scene simply in the script? Or were the rumors of off-screen chemistry between this pair valid? Watch the official trailer below and decide for yourself:

Remember Me comes out on March 12. Will you go see it?

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Merci. Mais, j'ai jamias entendu d'emilie de ravin avant remember me, est ce que elle est nouvelle vedette ou quoi>? I cannot waiting to see the movie it is looking very nice and I is sure going to attend opening night.


Noelle- Emilie vien d'Australie, pas Angleterre mais apart de sa c'est vrai que Robert et Peirce vien d'Angleterre et les trois sont tous bonne avec leur voix american. This movie looks so goooood!


Cet film regarde si bonne! Vendredi je vais le voir, surement! Est ce que c'est vrai que Emilie, Robert et Peirce sont toute de L'Angleterre? Si oui, ils sont excellent avec leur voix american! Pas comme dans Twilight, Robert regarde sexy. Je ne peut pas entendre pour ce film, et je ne suis pas un Twilighter, mais cet histoire d'amour regarde tres interesant et jolie a moi.


This looks like an amazing love story! And rob looks so godamn sexy


I don't personaly think Rob is all that hot in the Twilight saga. The amount of makeup he wears to look "vampire hot" is just weird. But in remember me he looks so natural and sexy! can't wait to see this movie, not just because of Rob, but it looks so good!


this is a movie i definetly want to watch.rob seems to have a better role in this than the twilight saga.


no rob dont what about bella.....


The trailer depicts a BEAUTIFUL story...I'm so excited for something good to come out in the theatre's...sometimes thats far and few between. I'll definitely watch this...


i cant wait to see this movie!!!
rob is so sexy!!! i love him!!!


I don know abt u guys 2 me evry thing he does his acting the talking its all perfect. mostly wen hes with me are they still 2gether???as in intimate o in a relationship??