Susan Boyle Breaks CD Sales Records in UK

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Forget 15 minutes of fame.

Susan Boyle is well on her way to 15 years and counting!

With final numbers still being tallied in the States, the Britain's Got Talent sensation broke the record for best-selling debut album by a singer in England last week.

Across the Atlantic, Boyle's album, "I Dreamed a Dream," moved 410,000 copies. It outsold new CDs from established artists such as Rihanna and Lady GaGa.

Said Simon Cowell, who produced the album and helped discover Boyle:

“I’m incredibly proud of Susan, as well as being delighted for her. The success could not not have happened to a lovelier person. She did it her way and made a dream come true... She’s amazing.”

She's also primed to conquer the music world in America. Final sales figures should be released shortly, but preliminary reports indicate "I Dreamed a Dream" will compete with Eminem's "Relapse" as the 2009 CD that sells the most copies in its first week of release.

That's incredible for a 48-year old woman no one had heard of when the year began.


Susan Boyle is the exception to the exception. Few, if any, have captured the public the way Susan has. Her beautiful voice reaches deep into the human soul and lingers there day after day. The future will see much more of Susan Boyle amd her dream will be lived by many. Those that would lessen Susan's accomplishment are to be pitied. Much like those that use foul language and fail to recognize that such use makes one look exceptionally small. Susan Boyle deserves all that has come her way. Her success is real, her qualities human, and her future very bright.


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Susan has incredible talent as a singer. That's more than I can say for P on E's talent as a critc.


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your comment should be taken off of this web site you are a disgrace to us all !!! you are the embarasment to the world what a jerk you are!!!!! her cd sales should give you a clue as to how many people love her.


What a fucking embarrassment to humanity that woman is.


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