Carrie Prejean Throws Hissy Fit on Larry King Live

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In an interview with Larry King last night, Carrie Prejean told the host: "Sarah Palin is my hero."

Incredibly, however, that was NOT the most ridiculous thing Prejean did or said during the segment!

Before throwing a fit and acting like a six-year old, Carrie expounded on her admiration for Palin. She said she admired the former governor's "strength and her courage," adding that Palin would "make a great President."

But Prejean also said Palin is "smart enough to get out of" politics. Indeed, why make a supposedly great President and help your country when you can earn money from speeches and books instead?

From there, Carrie took hypocrisy to a new level, even for herself: asked why she settled her lawsuit with the Miss California Pageant, Prejean refused to discuss the matter in any way, referring to King's question as "inappropriate."

Did Prejean forget that she had just spoken at length to Sean Hannity about her masturbation tape?

What made King's inquiries "inappropriate," yet Hannity's questioning completely welcome? We wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that Hannity penned the foreword for Carrie's book.

Prejean proceeded to take off her microphone and sit in the studio, pouting like a child. She's seen talking to handlers off-camera, unaware how to even storm out of an interview properly without direction from her PR staff.

It's a must-watch video for critics and supporters alike. To the latter, we must ask: how on earth do you defend this awful human being?

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Hey larry, nobody wants to listen to Carrie Prejean unless it is about her sex tapes. She has nothing else to say that anyone would be interested in, so why go on Larry King if you do not want to talk about what we all want to hear?


Hey Carrie, you fake "christian", I guess you forgot lying was a sin. You will burn in hell for that, thank god os satan.


carrie prejean is a pathetic human being, and i truly do pity her. however, the complete lack of respect she showed for larry is ridiculous. i find it pretty damn funny because although larry was asking her WHY she decided to settle, she was too dumb to realize that he wasn't asking what was part of the settlement. pure idiocy.


If any of U wing-nuts would have listen to what Carrie said on Larry King.(Head Wing-Nut)He out and out lied to her about the interview. She has the nerve to tell the wing-nut when to get off. WAY TO GO! Hurray for her.


At least Carrie has the nerve to speak her mind. Witch is more than can be said for most on this web site. A bunch of P/C followers. That can't think for their selves. Look I don't mind if queers get together, and get their freak on. Just keep it out of my face. Get it back behind close doors, like normal people.


Donald Trump, should seek legal action against her. He was fair and she only caused him nothing but complete embarressment. She lost my vote when she did not bother to show up for her interview with the great and well respected Larry King. Oh Ya, she did not show up because she partied the night before. LISTEN PREJEAN! YOU DISRESPECTFUL LITTLE BITCH!! NOT BUYING YOUR BOOK EVER!! You are too stupid to even promote your book properly. You do not disrespect people like Larry King and Donald Trump, who by the way earned their place in life. You could have graciously followed in their footsteps toward your own career. But instead you decided to be above all. Where are you basic manners? God your stupid.


If she made so many sex tapes for a a man she hardly knows and just met that shows she is a nymphomaniac and has some type of mental illness. She needs to be pitied and seek psychiatric help.


I've checked my list and Ms. Prejean isn't a member of my church.


She's a hypocrite! She has her opinions, but they're vapid and ridiculous! What business is it of her's or anyone else's who dates who? She can bible thump all she wants but it's meaningless to me. Just be a good person and not a bitch and she may have been liked at one point in time.


Carrie is sarcastic, liar , hypocrite,ungrateful,pscho,disrepectful,spoiled brat.I was watching Larry King did not believe what was happening, what happened to people taking responsibility for their mistakes. As if it was not enough for immature twenty two year olds , here comes the mistress from ESPN also claiming victims.they are both not victims but two stupid girls who need to grow up.