Miley Cyrus Bus Crash Leaves One Dead

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In terribly tragic Miley Cyrus news, a tour bus transporting the singer's crew members was involved in a deadly crash outside Richmond, Va., earlier today.

Cyrus, 16, was not on board, multiple sources have confirmed, and, according to her website. Miley is set to rock the house Sunday in Greensboro, N.C.

"It was one of our tour buses, but not Miley's,” her manager said in response to the crash. "It was one of our buses that transported our lighting crew."


Miley Cyrus was not personally on board the bus.

An investigation is underway to determine exactly why the Miley Cyrus bus - part of a four vehicle caravan - drifted off the road and overturned, claiming a life.

One person, presumed to be the bus driver, died, while nine other people on board, sustained minor injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that the deceased is indeed bus driver Bill Douglas. Miley released a statement on her official site regarding the incident:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bill 'Uncle Bill' Douglas. Members of our tour are like members of our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in the midst of this tragedy. He will truly be missed."


You're all so rude!
Miley i'm sure cares very much about the bus driver, but she also has a duty to her fans that have purchased the tickets.
It's the fans that are paying the bus driver, if it weren't for the demand of the fans he wouldn't have been there. Why don't the thousands of people bought the tickets care? why dont they cancel the show? How selfish.


to be honest,i really dont like fact i cant stand her.this news really hit me hard because if her "crew"or what ever you want to call it are like her family members,how could she even function on stage?so obviously the people that work for her are not a important to her as she tries to make them seem.and Tourguy,who ever the freak you are,you need to calm down and stop being so defensive because if it was ur family member that died, you would think shes selfish too.....nothing personal


Going on with a concert after losing someone is not selfish. Canceling the concert due to her feelings would be selfish. To cancel would hurt every employee on the tour not to metion the fans who paid to see her. Anyone who has lost someone knows how hard it is to go on afterward but you have to. This is actually a real sign of maturity. Some of the people on here seem to be of the sort that would criticize this child no matter what she does. And yes I did say "child" because that is what she is, a child. Every one of us had rough patches growing up, Miley's just happens to be being played out in the media. Unless one of you know the crew or family then you really don't know enough to judge. Let up on Miley, she's doing the right thing.


WOW you guys need to be respectful....Dont judge.... you dont know whats going on in her personal life. who this man was (RIP) to her and her family and how he impacted or didnt impact her life but who are we to just throw things out there and assune things and judge her? GOD? ABSOLUTLY NOT!


UGH! Guys, she can't control her concert schedule. Cut her some slack. Plus, she probably feels really bad but, she wants to be there for her fans. :(


hi i have got too say that all of you are mean to Miley and som of the peoble like her isn't that weard. But about that you sai that Miley shut have bin killed that vould have destroid some of the fan's and i think that is good she didn't die becosicuse she really has some music and sombody likes that.
I don´t like Miley but have some respect for those that do.


Miley should be in mourning-NOT singing on stage celebrating HERSELF!! But, remember, Miley is an UGLY SELF-ABSORBED SELFISH UNCARING LYING SLUT!! Miley ALWAYS puts Miley first!!


Stephanie at 7:18 PM-You are a HATER and JUDGEMENTAL!! We are NOT HATERS or JEALOUS of SELF-CENTERED-LOVES ONLY HERSELF-Miley!! We DON'T LIKE Miley!! We are free to give our opinions-you did SELF-RIGHTEOUS Stephanie!!


After reading the first few comments all i have to say is that it does not matter whether or not miley knew the bus driver. What is she supposed to do? If someone you know dies would you take time off work? If anyone has been in that situation you need to keep yourself busy, not sit around and mope. All Miley is doing is continuing her life, trying to keep busy.


SUPER comment Courtney-8:23 PM!! TOTALLY AGREE!!


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