Lynne Curtin Face Lift Results: Revealed!

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Lynne Curtin is a Real Housewife of Orange County.

But her appearance is as fake as Heidi Montag's breasts.

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The reality TV star underwent a face lift on July 11 and has finally shared the results of her procedure in the pages of Star magazine.

“I’d always worked out a lot, but my head didn’t match my body,” she said. “I was so excited to get the work done.”

Lynne Curtin: Face lifted... and beautiful? You tell us.

Curtin, who has faced foreclosure problems, shelled out the money for a forehead and neck lift. We're sure her two kids will understand when they're living on the street.

Lynne says the results make it look "like the clock has been turned back 12 years on my face.” As for her husband, Frank?

“He sends me texts all day saying I’m hot!”

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Who is her plastic surgeon? Does anyone know?


While I do think she really looks so much younger and does look beautiful, I think she had better put her priorities in order. she's in debt up to her eyeballs and her family was living way above their means like so many others.Her daughters seem so ungrateful for what they have and I don't really blame them.I think the parents are too materialistic!. When will people learn that while you want to give your children the best and make life easy for them that's not the best way. Life can be tough and kids have to learn that and get coping skills for the tough times.Also, i think Lynne is too much of a sun worshiper and that did a number on her face.I do wish them good luck.


I think she looks amazing.....definitely in her early 40's versus the haggard 50's she was sporting. Now her face matches her body. Good for her.


she has the profiled of an ape's face, seriously...look at her on the housewives show. glad she got the facelift cus she was getting hard to look at. I believe her stupid bratty daughter was going in for some work as well....atleast that's what they previewed on the show. Im sure Vicki & Tamara are sooooo jealous..hate them biotches!


Why can't people just accept aging, accept who they are? It's part of life. Oh my husband tells me I am hot by sending me texts. Tee Hee hee. How old is this woman, 14? Get a grip lady, changing your face isn't going to make you younger, it's not going to make you smarter, or richer. She looks totally different and she's going to end up with those beady little eyes like most face lift recipients. Learn to live with what you have people.

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