LOL News of the Day: Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port Top Jon Gosselin's "To Do" List

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Soon-to-be-divorced reality TV father of eight Jon Gosselin is single and ready to mingle get in the pants of some of the cutest blondes in Hollywood.

Too bad they'll probably have a say in it and turn down that kind offer, although hey, you never know. The Hills could use a little bit of a ratings boost.

According to Star, Jon's made a list, and there's no need to check it twice, because the girls he'd most like to bang are all sexy Hollywood staples.

"What he really wants is to hook up with Lindsay Lohan, Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port," an insider says of Jon G.'s "hit list" of young starlets.

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  • Port Pic
  • The Bitch is Totally Back

MR. COOL: Jon Gosselin aspires to bed Hills stars past and present.

We'd imagine Port is out of his league, as she is not desperate. Kristin Cavallari, though? If she'll fake-date Justin-Bobby, Jon might have a chance.

Girl clearly has low standards and wants to be famous, after all.

“He’s like a kid in a candy store and going absolutely wild,” Jon's friend dishes. “Let's just say he definitely isn't on the prowl for another wife.”

And Jon's libido is never satisfied, another close friend of his dishes. "He’s even been with two girls on the same day - and it’s still not enough!”

Wait, Jon has hooked up with two chicks at the same time?

Unless their names were Hailey Glassman and Kate Major, we had no idea he pulled that off. And we really pity those girls, because come on.

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Jon is a fing d-bag like so gross go home to your wife and kids like for real and why do they keep saying Kristin is faking dating JB like is that for real or a joke?


What a man-whore.


What do women see in this fat, man boobed, douch bag? He is the slimiest of worms, a total fame whore who is looking for another meal ticket. Look out girls, lock up your jewelry and money before taking up with this one.


Play on playa! Keep your pimp hand strong!


Say what you will about Kate but she at least made him likeable. He's a total asshole now that he's "in control" of his own life.


He is SO disgusting!!! Yuk!!!!!!


this man is just creepy and gross


He is fithly and disgusting, but I won't even make myself think that he's a man.


Shows what an idiot Kate is; she adored him!! How did 8 precious children lose the parent lottery on both sides?


What do women see in this rutting boar?
He's a filthy, disgusting man.