Kristen Stewart Will Love Robert Pattinson Forever, Tabloid Claims

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Forget the premiere of New Moon on Friday. OK! Weekly has the biggest news of the week for Twilight Saga fans:

Kristen Stewart doesn't just love Robert Pattinson - she'll love him forever!!!

A special issue of the supermarket tabloid went on sale today, as the entire magazine is dedicated to misleading headlines about Kristen and Robert. Might she be in love with him? Sure.

Did she utter a word to OK! about it? Never in a million years.

Ridiculous Cover

The publication says it's "bringing you inside the love story of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart — from when they first met to their incredible journey around the world promoting the premiere of New Moon."

This is the same magazine, of course, that's reported on Rob and Kristen's break up, reconciliation and alleged apartment together over the last few weeks.

In fact, here's a look at OK!'s recent, ridiculous, Robsten-based covers. Which is your favorite?

Fake Wedding News
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i agree with u 100% chealsea thank you just because u teeny boppers want them together doesnt mean there together
for example im 34 does that mean robs gonna come after me no
i know he likes older woman anyways
looks like can be one of your friends thats how down to earth he is.


totally agree with u chealsea...all publicity, and none of it's true! i enjoyed your rant!!


my favorite cover is "inside our new home" haha- she's 19 and he's 23. Please!!!


She looks like a punk & he was marginal at best in Harry Potter. What do people find so appealing about them? Well, it does sell magazines I guess.


come on, the engaged was the best ;)


ok, so Ok mag takes what they want out of people's mouths and generates it into something else. we dont know for sure how or if kristen said that
and second leave them alone.. just because they are stars doesnt mean that people have the right to butt into their personal lives.. they lead completely different lives than what they do on camera.. let them be and wait and see if they admit to dating or not...


im sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them;). it makes me feal so greatttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!:)


Engaged was probably my favourite. I find it hilarious that OK! is losing so many buyers that they decide on picking the most rumoured couple and write about their "lavish wedding." Yes, OK!, you can have your damn cookie.


Never trust ok mag anyways!!!
Its STUPID!!!!
Kristen never admit that!
She never would!-
remember when she said shes gonna protect herself and not want other people to get involved in her personal life....YA-
This is getting involved with her personal life!
Ok mag has always been on their case and ok gets false information....if kristen and robert are dating woulnt they tell us when they're ready?
like in breaking dawn?


i think it's all publicity!! come on you would have admitted it by now. all a scam to generate more money!! although they are quite cute together.!