Kourtney Kardashian Kounts Down to Child Birth, Final Days of Pregnancy Publicity

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While welcoming a child into the world is typically a joyous occasion, we doubt Kourtney Kardashian is kounting down the days until she's a mother.

After all, it will mean a lot less time milking the pregnancy for every ounce of attention and drop of money possible.

But at least Kourtney is squeezing in as much publicity as she can in her final few weeks, gracing the cover of two supermarket tabloids this week.


Kendra and Kourtney are ready to pose with their baby bumps on magazine covers. But are they prepared to be parents?

In an interview with Life & Style, Kourt dishes on Scott Disick, the baby daddy that she pretended to break up with in order to create reality TV drama she's had problems with over the years.

"It was hard," she said. "There was so much negative energy. But this is the father of my baby - I needed everyone to just get over it."

The tension "was really intense for a few months," Kourtney added, but then the script called for a reconciliation and she said:

"I feel like if that stuff hadn't happened, things wouldn't feel as good as they do today."

Well, sure. With Kardashian on the cover of numerous tabloids and featured in more entertainment news stories that sister Kim, can you blame her for feeling so good?


I love the kardashians kourtney is my favorite she is going to have the hottest baby ever sl all you haters go to hell these girls will always be number one on my list!!!!!


Fuckennn HATERS!! Haha so funny! Ya'll is just JEALOUS cause it aint Neva gna be YOURhater face BITCHHhHH!!


I love the kardashians, ye they may be on all magazines but they are celebrities and people want to know about them


I love you Kourtneyy!! So much better than Kendra!


Nothing like shilling your baby for publicity before it's even out of the womb. I miss the days of press shy celebs who didn't whore themselves on reality TV. Long live Rpattz and Kstew. It might be annoying to not get any answers, but its better than having the love shoved down our throats... oh wait.


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