Jon Stewart Mocks Glenn Beck's Appendicitis

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Some might say he went over the line, but others might contend that Jon Stewart was merely channeling Glenn Beck when he compared the growing size and reputation of Congress' health care bill to ... the Fox commentator's appendicitis attack.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Stewart approached Glenn Beck's appendix problem in the same bombastic fashion blowhard Beck uses to address evil, communist government health-care reform:

Classic Daily Show? Or Taking it too far? Choose your side:


all's fair in love war and comedy


For someone named "seriously," you seem to have a very UNserious take on this situation. Do you even know who Glenn Beck is? He's not, nor was he ever, a congressman. He's a political commentator on Fox News.
Stewart is a comedian, that is true. But to many people, Beck is much funnier.


The problem is a comedian commentator & one is a reputable congressman and the stupid liberal media machine promotes the antics of the comedian as if he is the one that is right, as the lefties swoon and forget the originator (Clinton, Bill, the one who broke down our military and deregulated the market) was not Bush (who tried many times to get the democratic controlled govt. to do something to fix it before it caused this horrible dilemma we face, while in office)...Now, we wait for another REagan to come fix this CArter-esque govt. problem...wake up people...

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