Jon Gosselin to Spend Thanksgiving with ... Hailey Glassman!

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Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman may be broken up and taking time apart, but perhaps a reconciliation is not far off for the always-entertaining lovebirds.

In the latest portion of their interview with ET's Mary Hart, they discuss the pressures of fame and their struggling - and clash over Thanksgiving dinner!

"My family and I would never let him eat Thanksgiving alone in an apartment," says Hailey in part 134 of their seemingly staged, never-ending TV feud.

"He's coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I don't care."

"I planned on going to her house on Thanksgiving; that was on my schedule," says Jon, raising the eyebrows of Hailey Glassman and everyone else.

"On your schedule? What do you mean, 'On my schedule?'" asks Hailey, adding with no small amount of sarcasm, "Let's see, Kate has the kids, she's having a nice meal with Steve. Uh, should I go to Hailey's or sit in my apartment alone?"

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The saga of Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman continues.

Kate Gosselin is having Thanksgiving day with their eight children and bodyguard Steve Neild, who was also alleged to be working with a different sort of protection this year, if you know what we mean. We mean safe sex with Kate.

"Sorry, I used the wrong term," Jon Gosselin replied, clearly getting annoyed. "I plan on going. I made a promise to her family I would go to her house."

"Made a promise? You're not doing my family any favors!" replied Hailey.

THG NOTE: Are they scripting this or what?

As the tension rose by the second, Glassman seemed resigned to the fact that while they remain close, a breakup, even if it's temporary, is inevitable now.

"We know what the right thing to do is. We know what we both need," she said. "He needs to do his thing and I need to do my thing. We both know this."


First Jon complained about Kate telling him what to do. Now it is 22 year old Hailey. This poor pathetic idiot needs somebody to lead him around by the nose. Unfortunately, he has chosen to align himself up with a bunch of bloodsucking wannabes who are grabbing on to his shirtails in an effort to get their own 15 minutes of fame. Let's see wher Jon Gosselin is 6 months from now. My bet? Flat broke, unemployed, and taking Kate back to court to get alimony! How's that for a good dose of reality?


yuck, i'm not sure whether i like them more together or apart. really neither suits me


yup I think you forgot to mention that she did say steve and his family not just steve if your going say it say it right we saw the interview


Sounded like Jon wanted her to get that little dig in about Steve and his family coming over for Thanksgiving so we the public would feel sorry for him. Didn't work, saw through that bit of bad acting. No matter what, I'd be fighting to spend time with my kids on holidays. Jealousy over the bodyguard when you've been with 4 women since separating(or so you claim)is ridiculous.


These jerks are soooo desperate!! Hysterically desperate, Hailey & Jon will definetly remain an opporutnistic, media-whoring, lieing, sack of shit of a couple for many years to come....good for them, they deserve each other....


It's no surprise, abscent from his kids again. What a deadbeat loser.


If I were Jon, I would spend Thanksgiving alone and count my money. He is not a d-bag he is a p*ssy. He let's these rather normal looking and overly bitchy women control him like a damn puppet. Grow some balls Jon and go to the strip club on Thanksgiving!


You failed to mention that Steve Neild's FAMILY is also having Thanksgiving with Kate......Also, Hailey said "Kate is cooking for the kids and Steve's family. Hollywood Gossip you really are a gossip monger.


Wow, its rare to see this level of idiocy, and I worked on FOX shows for a long time.

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