Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin Continue TV Feud

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Hailey Glassman is single, but not yet ready to mingle. Apparently, she's got more televised bashing of Jon Gosselin she wants to get out of the way first.

In a joint interview airing today on Entertainment Tonight, which seems like their 12th in like the last month, the two argue again over their future.

Ruler of the D-Bags

"We're going to take a break and decide," Jon said. "We'll let Hailey decide on what she wants to do. My life is hectic, I have to concentrate on my own decisions."

"Maybe she wants to go get a job. Maybe she wants to date other people. Maybe she wants to experience life? Live on her own, do her own things. I don't know."

But Hailey Glassman says whenever she tries to leave Jon, "he cries."

"As hard as it is for us, he needs to go handle his stuff, be with his family and handle his divorce. I need to go be a 22-year-old and get my life back," she says.

WTH JON!? Hailey Glassman gives her man an earful.

Jon says he has to let Hailey go "in order for her to be happy, especially if she thinks he has been "emotionally abusing her ... I cannot live with that guilt."

At one point in the interview, they appear to be ending it for good. That was when it started to get really awkward and the following exchange took place:

Hailey: "I don't want to do this on national TV, this is serious," says Hailey.

Jon: "I wanted to discuss this in private, but now it's public. I'm frustrated, because it's uncomfortable. This whole thing's uncomfortable. I don't like it. I mean, you're telling me out there that you love me and you want to be with me, and then you..."

Hailey:  "I do love you, and you tell me you love me - we would love each other and we want to be with each other, but it's not healthy!"

Jon: "I'm not talking anymore."

Hailey: "Don't you want them to look up to you and say, 'My daddy's honest?'"

Jon: "I'm not talking about this" [storms off]

Well, there you have it. Think they had all that on the cue cards or Jon and Hailey had the freedom to ad-lib it on the spot? Either way, talk about good TV.


there both annoying!! :|


He has spent a ridiculous amount of money on Hailey also buying her the SUV. She is done with him unless he decides to dish out more moolah which she & I doubt he can do, because as of right now he doesn't have any major money left and no real prospects of careers with enough money anytime in his near future. No job, no Hailey, no Kate, no Show, NO MORE MONEY! Poor Jon, Karma sucks!!


Too bad he is such a pathological liar and so very immature!! Hailey is not the greatest, she has a pretty lousy past, but seems to be more mature than Jon, but, yeah, it doesn't take that much to be more mature than Jon.


Two thumbs down for this performance. Jon nor Hailey have any acting talent. The flaming passion and tension is not there like it is between Jon and Kate. Go away Hailey. Listen to the Rabbi.


I guess Jon is learning that by just blaming Kate is not going to solve his problems. He needs to deal with his shortcomings and stop blaming everybody else for them! Be honest with yourself. Yes, it is hard to accept our personal shortcomings but if we want to grow up and be happy we just have to do it.


anything for more publicity. yuck


Terrible drama nobody needs to hear but it was funny how she called out Perez on her twitter. Did anyone see that? I'm sure he'll have a good comeback for it too.


Like watching The Hills.....shamefull assholes!!

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