Janet Jackson on Good Morning America: Family Not Naive; Held Interventions For Michael

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The Jackson family tried to stop Michael Jackson's addiction to prescription drugs by staging interventions, Janet Jackson said on Good Morning America today.

"Of course, that's what you do," the youngest member of the Jackson family said in an interview. "Those are the things that you do when you love someone."

"You can't just let them continue on that way. We tried that more than a few times," says Janet, who laments that ultimately, "We weren't very successful."

The singer says Michael Jackson responded in a measured way to his family's attempts to help. "He understood that it was out of love, out of caring."

She refutes critics' claims that the family was naive about Michael's problems or enabled the icon. Nevertheless, she admits, "People can be in denial."

Janet Jackson continues to speak out about her brother's death.

When ABC's Robin Roberts went to ask a follow-up question about Michael being in denial, she replies, "I wish he could answer this question. And not me."

Jackson said she is a "big believer in the power of prayer, but that's something you can't do for them ... it's something they have to do for themselves."

Growing up, Janet says of her eight siblings, she was closest to "Mike." The last time they spent time together was "a few days before my birthday," May 16.

"We had a lot of fun laughing. He was cracking up ... Laughing at me."

Michael Jackson tragically passed away June 25. Earlier this week, Janet said she believes Dr. Conrad Murray should be held responsible for his death.

On a personal note, Janet also put the kibosh on rumors that she's getting back together with Jermaine Dupri, though the two remain very close.


Well said MOM!!!


Donnie is ignorant!!! I take it that he missed 2nd grade twice, being that he can't spell.


I guess Janet Jackson is not supposed to have a life. Janet Jackson does not need to make another album, movie etc.
She has more than enough money to retire. Her talking and making movies is helping her. I am so happy she spoke with Robin Roberts. I understand her a little more. And I hopes she continues to do interviews. She has to live for herself and not anyone else.


I bought a copy of this is it. I wanted to tell you I grew up listening the jackson family's music your brother is very missed. I still listen but it is not the same without him here. And i will continue to pray for your family. And good luck on the release of your new album. I am just one of the fans


Donnie, Janet Jackson still has her OWN career. She or any other star in that situation for that matter would not have to put their career ton hold in order to prove something to others. You are not recognizing that fact.


Just tired of reading the fanatics in denial all over the net. So I feel compelled to respond with a voice of reason. Clearly this was a promotional interview. The timing is obvious. I'm not criticizing her. They are an entertainment dynasty and that is their job. However you Janet nutjobs criticized Joe, Latoya and Jermaine for doing the same thing Janet is doing, maintaining the Jackson legacy.


Do your homework Donnie. She does not need GMA's money for an interview. I think being worth 150 million will probably do her just fine. Stop hating and get a life!


Hey Donnie, you've posted that same message all over the place. Do you work for the FCC or something? lol.


Donnie: Why don't you just shut up!!! YOU have no idea what you are talking about. She has the right to do whatever she wants to do. Go and hide under a rock...


Opportunist....Opportunist....Opportunist....She looks more and more like her father in a wig every day and all you Janet FANATICS are determined to pretend that its just coincidence that she is speaking out when she has an album to promote. ABC paid her good money to grieve publicly and state the things that her sister Toy stated a LONG TIME ago.

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