For Our Entertainment: Adam Lambert Films Music Video

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Spiked hair. A leather jacket. Giant sunglasses.

Would you expect anything else from Adam Lambert in his first-ever music video?

The singer was spotted in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend, looking as fierce as ever and filming scenes for his "For Your Entertainment" video.

Filming a Video

It will be released later this month, along with the American Idol star's debut album. Adam will face stiff competition on November 23, the day his CD hits stores.

Rihanna, John Mayer and Susan Boyle are among the artists that will also release new albums on that date, as various singers compete for the holiday season. Will Lambert come out on top? We actually think he will.

Check out a trio of images below from Lambert's video shoot and let us know: whose album will you purchase first next week?

Street Walker
Music Video Star
The Lambert Look

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]


I was looking so forward to a really rockin' CD. Adam, you have the voice, use it.


Adam is a dynamic singer and I so enjoy his music and stage presence. In this mad world we live in, he's a gift to me! I am thankful for being introduced to him on American Idol and I look forward to more.... I've already pre-ordered his new album to be released on 11/23/09! I will be 58 next month and I love his voice, look and tongue!!!


How interesting it is to see people judge Adam so completely w/o
truly knowing who or what he is or ehat he stands for.....
Sad really. Those that do should take a good look in the mirror.
I have a judgment for those who jump to conclusions....Hypocrites


People need to chill. Have you seen the average music video these days? The bondage type theme is obviously in keeping with the track that's all - it would hardly work with a bunch of people sitting round sipping tea would it! And we haven't seen how tastefully done or otherwise it is anyway yet. The beauty of the album, from what I have heard of it, is that it is a real mix of styles with something for everyone. And how brilliant is Whataya want from me? I love it. It's the media that makes Adam seem controversial and hypes it all up - he's just trying to make music and entertain.


I love him so much.. the video will be amazing. He looks so hot


WHAT A MAN! SO HANDSOME!!! the video will be awesome, just like he is.
Adam is already a megastar




Lmao at all the comments thus far. you so called haters don't affect his career at all, who are you to decide ? you haters are what make his career, out of controversy. so keep hating all you want, adam is here to stay


Adam is doing what he likes to do now. Good for him. You will miss a great deal of heavenly beautiful vocals and performances if you choose not to just because of some pictures. If you have only heard FYE, you should wait for the other songs... There are all kinds of songs in that album. But whatever, the choice is yours, but please be kind with your language. Thanks, Jieschreck


Adam Lambert is amazingly talented and intriguing, even to a 'baby boomer'! I know phenomenal music when I hear it and I will be buying his new CD when it hits the shelves! America supports Adam! CONGRATS ADAM!


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