Family Guy Reveals the Truth: Miley Cyrus is an Android!

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We knew it!

Last week, after Miley Cyrus admitted she had never heard a Jay-Z song and that she doesn't write her own singles, we speculated that the singer was nothing more than a Disney-created robot.

It was meant in jest, but last night's Family Guy episode has proven our theory correct.

Miley on Family Guy

During the installment titled "Hannah Banana," Brian and Stewie break into a Miley concert.

They befriend the star, only to eventually discover that she's actually an android. The pair tries to program her to have sex with Brian, but the experiment goes awry and she destroys the town.

Sound far-fetched? Or eerily accurate? Sit back, get comfortable and watch the full episode after this jump.

Even if you (somehow) don't despise Cyrus, there will be non-Miley related Family Guy quotes for you to laugh over for hours on end.


That is the dumbist thing I have ever heard. has every body lost their mind? Ever tears if common sense? First of all, she us not an robot, for good sakes. Second, she died write her single. Third, all haters can drop dead and go to ****.


Cyrus is a no talent idiot, and so is everyone who falls for her cheap, ridiculous act.


You know what? I wouldn't doubt that Hannah Montana is an Android. Disney has the money for it, no doubt, and I've seen some Posture and Facial differences between Miley Cyrus and the stage shown "Hannah Montana".


"Ok, you stupid- people need to shut ur trap, and stop talking trash bout celebs


ALYSON its so funny how you said nobody can spell, but you spelled Phenomenon wrong lol


Wait in what sense is Miley even on the same level as Jay Z? Jay Z is arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time. Miley is just another pop star like the millions before her. I mean in all honesty you will never hear somone be like oh this is a classic pop song. No but rock and rap and even country have classics. Pop is for teenage retards who think their lives and the things happening to them are the most important thing on earth.


Actually, this episode is making fun of Disney.


I just wanted to say that Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray and the whole Cyrus clan can go fornicate themselves with an iron stick :)


yes thank you family guy! god i hate her


First of all,NO ONE on this page can spell right, except for 'Amused'But,actually I totally disagree with you Amused, Because Miley Cyrus is a complete Phenominan and Ill stick up for her no matter what she does XxX Aly the Biggest Miley Fan Ever


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