Clash of the Costumes: Speidi vs. Regis & Kelly

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With both celebrity gossip notoriety and ridiculous appearances going for them, it's no surprise that Kate and Jon Gosselin were Halloween staples this year.

A pair of celebrity duos themselves decided to go as the terrible tandem.

On Live with Regis and Kelly, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa masqueraded as Jon and Kate, complete his and her stacks of $100 bills divided on the table. LOL.

Meanwhile, the gruesome twosome who relinquished their title of Most Painful Reality TV Couple to the Gosselins showed gratitude by dressing up as them.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt also lugged around eight dolls, a funny touch. Let's just hope that Speidi doesn't have eight children of their own someday. Yeesh.

Whose costumes were tops? Compare the faux Gosselins and vote below ...

Speidi as Jon and Kate

Who makes a better Jon and Kate?


Heidi should never cut her hair short, she looks like a dude


i hate speidi, so i say regis and kelly win this one for sure. especially with the money thing haha too funny


i love how Kate talked about the Kate halloween wig on her show and now we actually get to see them.


Speidi's costume looks like they put it together @ the Dollar Tree....but, I find it pitiful that Regiz & Kelly actually paid thousands for a halloween costume....both are pitiful wastes, in different ways


We have a major problem if Speidi want to have 8 children!! Oh god nooooooo!!!!


That's just funny, I hope john and kate see these pictures and know that actual celebrities are poking fun at them and how ridiculous they are.


heidi and spencer do my head in!!
there so annoying what are the famous for?
urm the hills!
they need to actully do something useful in this world!!!

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