American Music Awards Fashion Face-Off: Carrie Underwood vs. Leona Lewis

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As American Music Awards fashion goes, it's hard to top Carrie Underwood. Just look at her. Such beauty and grace. Fashion competitors need not even try.

Unless, possibly, you're Leona Lewis.

The British songbird not only looks healthy after her getting punched by Peter Kowalczyk, she looked positively vampish last night in that black number.

It's a case of black vs. off-white... fashions. And gorgeous ladies who make it hard to choose. But you must. Right now. Who looked better? Vote below!

Sweet, Sweet Carrie Photo
Leona Pic

Whose AMA style was best?


Carrie looks wondrful, but Leona luv, as much as ur beauty shines through ur music so does it in evryting u wear! Ur rokin dat black numbr lyk michael in thriller! U look stunnin


well as usual she's from USA so its always better, its a pity you americans cant see past yourselves. leona is a beauty so it doesnt matter what any of you lot think.

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