Peter Kowalczyk, X Factor Loser, Punches Leona Lewis

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Peter Kowalczyk was jealous of the fact that Leona Lewis won the British TV talent show X Factor while he was turned down, according to The Sun (UK).

Naturally, he acted on that jealousy by waiting five hours to meet Leona Lewis yesterday at her book signing event, then punched her in the face.

A shocked Leona screamed and cried, "Oh my God" as the tall, buck-toothed nut job attacked, catching her on the temple with a fierce right hook.

She clutched her head and burst into tears as she was whisked away from the event (to promote her autobiography Dreams) and escorted to a hospital.

Five security guards jumped Peter Kowalczyk and pinned him to the ground. He was charged with assault before being taken to a psychiatric hospital.

Leona's furious boyfriend, Lou Al-Chamaa, who was with her at the signing, tried to confront the warped fan but was held back by the authorities.

Leona Lewis recoils in horror after having her clock cleaned.

The 2006 X Factor winner, now a global star, was checked for a concussion at London's Harley Street Hospital, but appears to have escaped with bruising.

Kowalczyk had bought a copy of Dreams and seemed to be waiting patiently for Leona Lewis to sign it at Waterstones in Piccadilly like every other fan.

But as those around him in line chatted to each other, he stayed silent and aloof. He said nothing as he reached the front and unleashed his punch.

A spokesman for Leona, whose next single is called HAPPY, said last night:

"It was totally unprovoked. Leona had been patiently signing people's books for a while - this man had been waiting for five hours. Why anyone would hit her I don't know. Leona is shaken and apologises to the fans she was unable to meet."

Waterstones said in a statement: "We would like to thank Leona for her professionalism and we are extremely sad that this event was ruined for her, and her fans, many of whom queued from the early hours of the morning to meet her."


What are you guys talking about its the best thing ever happened to Leona was that punch haha


Poor girl did not deserve that


The Canadian Truth. That's somebody's daughter who got hit for no reason and you find it funny?? How would you like it if this happened to your mother and someone made the same comment. You're a D!ck


he should get punched in the side of the head for no reason just to see what it feels like


the creep is lucky she's not seriously hurt or else he would have an extra few yrs to the ones he's going to be sentenced to soon


i also feel bad for the people after him in line, to wait that whole time to see your favorite star get assaulted sucks


what an ass. just because he has no talent doesn't mean he can go punching people that do


Yeah I feel Sorry for the fans too..


this is really funny.. I personally dont like ms lewis.. OVERRATED! hahahaha and I agree her boyfriend is a punk!


OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! All out Bulletin on this creep. If you see this guy punch him in the temple. You will be rewarded by good karma. As for her boyfreind, I am sorry he is a punk. I don't buy this he tried to confront the guy. I would of got a hit off on this sore looser. I compare him to Lebron James not speaking to media and now Arenas G. , Serena or Venus who cursed the lineswoman(I can't tell the difference between them, the both got big butts and honestly I cant tell) and all the other sore loosers(too much to name)...


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