This is Why Miley Cyrus Quit Twitter

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Miley Cyrus claims - heck, she raps! - that she deleted her Twitter account because she wants to keep her private life private.

This may be true, but there's another likely reason why Cyrus is no longer active on the social networking site: it's free. And she's greedy.

After all, why give away your thoughts and opinions for nothing, when you can charge fans $29.95 per year for membership on your blog?!?

Cyrus actually does this. She often updates with random musings, but she forces young followers to spend their allowance in order to read her website.

Miley World

We know it's a bad economy, but not even the most attention-starved, money-hungry celebrities out there ask fans to pony up cash in order to access their sites.

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and even Spencer Pratt allow free, unlimited browsing of their official blogs. If you wanna make money off the Web, Miley, charge advertisers, not your fans.

Have you no shame?!?

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hey its me miley cyrus i am so happy to talk to you my fans


I hate that fucking bitch good that you named the worst inflencia 2009 and so will continue because you're a bitch I hate you bitch cyrus




miley shouldnt b ripping of people shes already famous and rich what else does she want!!!!!!!!!
how is that stupid to ask for her opinion !shes a b****


Miley World Is AMAZING just cause u dont lkee hur GET A LIFE OKEY


Not surprising, the world is so greedy. Why dish out details for free when you can scam your so called fans out of more $$$ and into her pocket.


SHUT UP MILEY HATERS!!!!!!! I'm actually a member on MileyWorld. Yeah! My username is B****** and you know what???? I LOVE MILEY WORLD. MILEY ACTUALLY SENDS PEOPLE STUFF, LIKE SHE SENT ME A BRACLET, A SIGNED POSTER, A CARD AND TWO SHEETS THAT SAID when your friend sign up at mileyworld they get a 30 day trial for FREE! what did you say? FREE!!!! you heard me and when every two people sign up YOU GET A MONTH FREE Alright.
So stop nagging on Miley. Its hard for her because she's always been under the public eye an people watch and criticize every move she makes. OK


And I suppose it's a way of cutting down on the hate mail. Not many people are gonna pay $30.00 a year so they can hate on Miley Cyrus.


The people who are spending their energy hating miley are unhappy people and need to hate someone in order to feel better about themselves. Miley is actually a very generous,sweet,kind and thoughtfull person. If you didn't hate her and took some time to really get to know her and listen to her music you would know that. She's a teenager for crying out loud who is growing up in the public eye and doing a great job.


It seems like every miley cyrus related post on here ends up having comment battles between users, hilarious actually!
the people who defend miley seem to get eaten alive lollll