The Obamas: A White House Family Portrait

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The White House has released the first official family photo of the 44th President of the United States and his family, taken September 1 by Annie Leibovitz.

The picture of President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha Obama was taken in the White House's Green Room.

Outdoorsy First Lady

Bo the First Portugese Water Dog apparently had a prior engagement.

What a cute photograph. Follow the link for many more Barack and Michelle Obama pictures from their time on the campaign trail and as the nation's First Couple.

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awww i love it :D


you guy are are all wrong he has done alot,yall are just haters


What has he done? Can someone tell me one thing? His approval rating has dropped more than 10 points in the last two months because he is all talk. Wake up America!


I think Obama is doing a great job considering the mamoth problems he had to deal with. This is a lovely portrait.


cute photo - figures because it's obama related people start hating. tut tut.


it's a white house portrait, the family posed for it, it's a nice picture. how is that "on their nuts" ... haters need to get over it


I think this is a wonderful photo of the first family. It's such a shame that some people seem so blinded by their own bigotry to see how much President Obama has done to fix what our previous president broke. This country was in a terrible spot and now that we are on the road to recovery I feel confident that we have the right qualified person giving his all trying to fix this mess on our behalf.


obama is a celeb. nothing more. so it is fitting you guys have him posted on your site. get real. get this guy out of office.


Why are you guys on this guy's nuts so much? He has done squat so far with the exception of dancing and posing for photos.