David Letterman's Wife Demanded On-Air Apology

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After David Letterman announced last Thursday that he had been involved in sexual affairs with female staff members, most fans were surprised by his conduct, but nevertheless appreciative of his decision to go public.

Letterman said he had sex with unnamed staffers. One of them, Stephanie Birkitt, was dating Robert Halderman, who stands accused of blackmailing Dave over it.

But Letterman's admission of the sex and extortion scandal was not enough for Regina Lasko, the Late Show host’s wife of six months and partner of two decades.

Lasko, who is also the father of Letterman's son Harry, born in 2004, demanded he apologize a second time on his program Monday, according to news reports.

Dave spoke directly about how "incredibly hurt" Regina was by his behavior while insisted that his affairs "are in the past" and that he committed to fixing this.

Letterman was clearly chastened and humbled by that prospect.

"Let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me," he said.

Regina Lasko: David Letterman's Wife

Can David Letterman salvage his marriage to Regina Lasko?

Dave was praised again for this display of emotion, despite the antics preceding it. But sources say the on-air apology “wasn’t something Dave wanted to do.”

“He wanted the whole thing to blow over,” said a source. “But [Regina Lasko] told him he better make an apology to let everyone know how sorry he was."

The source adds that Regina made Dave go over what he was going to say, and allowed Letterman to make “one or two jokes that weren’t at her expense.”

However it seems Dave didn’t do well enough: “Regina felt like Dave’s humorous take on the apology lessened the sincerity of it, and she’s not happy."

His work is cut out for him, indeed.


I have always "loved" David Letterman. The fact that he was unfaithful to a woman who has been his partner for over 23 years, the mother of his child, I am sure his best friend and so many other things...is sad to say the least. The male ego is unbelieveable.
David, you have deeply hurt what appears to be a wonderful, faithful woman. Same on you. Your wife must be going through so much pain. It is difficult any time any marriage has problems, but to have every detail, every humiliation made public must be horrifying....it reminds me of Jennifer Anniston. When we men leave to think with the head on their shoulders and not with other heads.


Is that a picture of his wife????? I think I'd cheat too!


It is *sad* and disappointing that some people have so so little respect for themselves and for others that it leads to such abuse of power. This is a sorry way to treat your loved ones and others. I feel sorry for Letterman's wife and son.


She deserves a big apology and some bling


I can't say that I blame her, he apologise to the staff but not his wife what kind of bull sh-- is that...


I'd be less worried about the jokes than the fact that he was cheating with multiple partners.


David wasn't sincere if he was he wouldn't made a joke out of it! Some things are really serious in life and are not joking matters! I feel sorry for Harry, the mother of his child really deserved more.


like i said befor he isnt sorry. he was forced to do it. hes an ass


wooow thats dumb ?


Yeah, it's really an apology when you have to be asked for one instead of having the common sense and decency to extend one because it's the right thing to do. Yeah, Letterman is really sorry...pfffttt.


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